Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 26, 2008

Happy Dance!

Lots of good news for me:

A surfeit of boxes: So The Boyo showed up this morning with about a dozen banana boxes, one of our favorites for packing stuff up. They are small and sturdy. Will hold heavy things like books, which is the most part of what I’ve got to pack up. Related: Because my apartment is so small, I am now sharing my bed with boxes. I would rather be sharing it with The Boyo.

Scooterman is coming: No sooner did we get Epona fixed than the brakes started going out. Unlike most brakes, they don’t get looser as they fail, they get tighter, until your scooter is only good for a door stop. Right now I can make it to the drug store a block away, and back, but have pretty much parked it. We ordered the parts a couple of weeks ago, as soon as it started acting up. And it’s going to get fixed tomorrow. This makes me very happy because when  I go to the motel for the window replacement, the bus stop is too far away for me. Now I’ll be able to escape. And I know Scooterman will hold my check until I get paid. Which is one of the advantages to dealing with an independent small shop. The other is that because he doesn’t mess with Medicare, he can fix my scooter. The shops that deal with Medicare can’t fix my scooter, even if I’m not billing Medicare, because Medicare does not approve of my having a scooter.  My rant on the stupid Medicare rules is here at the Shaft. Related: There’s also boxes piled up in the scooter I’ll have to move. Dang it.

Open enrollment: Strangely enough, my Medicare part D and Advantage plan are going down, not up. By more than $16/month. In fact, I’ll be able to get a better plan that doesn’t have a deductible for a $1 more than what I’m paying this year. And so, I will. The deductible about killed me last January, along with the highest electric bills of the year. (We have electric heating.) It’s one of the reasons I don’t have any savings now, I spent them all in January and have been sucking hind tit ever since. I also got on budget billing for the electric so that now I pay the same amount every month. If the new windows are effective at keeping the heat in, I may make out like a bandit on this.

African Violets

African Violets

Blooming: One of my African Violet’s is blooming massively. I’m kind of surprised it is this one, as they  need to be rootbound to bloom, and the other one is in a smaller pot. Oh, well, maybe I need to give it some new soil or something. My grandmother was a gardener extraordinaire. Not only did she fill her yard with every color and  type of iris in existence at the time, but she filled the house with African violets. They are not as hard to care for as some people make them out to be. And they’re cheap. I bought these two after Easter at the drug store for $1 each. But I do have self-watering African violet pots for them, and use a flourescent task lamp on a timer to make sure they get enough light.  Now I have to figure our what to do with them during the window replacement. I had thought about putting them in the kitchen with their light set-up, but I’m not sure.


  1. What in God’s name is a self-watering african violet pot? I wouldn’t think enough african violets had enough money to constitute a market for these things?

  2. my star jasmine is blooming at the moment – I love Spring!

  3. love the financial math for 2009 – and am amazed that the Plan D rates dropped! small gifts… but important…

  4. Have they started the windows yet? It’ll be so nice to be able to look outside through clear windows. Our big old front window had crap in between the double panes and it was like looking through heavy smoke to look outside. Bad feng-shui, I’m sure.
    We finally got a new one and the whole room looks different. Big improvement and well worth the mess and hassle.

  5. Rain-silly woman, it is we, the slaves that buy the self-watering pots. There are many types, some more expensive than others. Mine look like this.

    Nurse Myra- MMMM, jasmine.

    Daisy- I was shocked, too. I think Part B went down a couple of dollars, too. I attribute this to what I’ve argued all along. People will be healthier if they don’t have to choose between their meds and food or heat.

    Beth-They are doing the apartment right above me as we speak. I move to the motel next Sunday, and back next Thursday. I probably won’t know what to do with windows I can see out of.

  6. watch birds?

    • don’t know if they come up this high, I never see them, Nurse Myra. Maybe I
      could get one of those feeders that stick on the window.

  7. no brakes? why fix ’em? where’s your sense of adventure? after all, you then go on to say your Part D and medicare will be less expensive, so all the resulting broken bones won’t be so bad… [chortle]

    • Gnu, you didn’t read far enough. If the brakes are out, the scooter is at a
      standstill, no va, won’t go. I had to fix them so I could get in trouble and
      use my Medicare. Which I did by getting the throttle stuck in fast forward
      and slamming into a table at Barnes and Noble. Happy now?

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