Knitting Projects

Garter stitch scarf

A garter stitch scarf that turned out too small for an adult, and thus was give away to a charity knitting project for children. I started and frogged this project innumerable times. I was glad to give it away, as I was really sick of it by the time I finally finished it.

Basketweave dishcloth

I have no idea what possessed me to purchase yarn this putrid green color. Although the basket weave is nice, I couldn’t give this to anyone. And so, it lives in my sink, serving me faithfully as I do dishes. But I mostly use these as exercises to learn new stitches.

blue scarf

Detail of Lucky Me scarf

If you squint and look closely, you can see there are holes in the scarf. They are supposed to be there, honest. It was hard to make the holes, I kept losing count. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever progress beyond the basic knit and purl. I should be easier on myself since I only started this a couple of months ago.

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