My Service Dog, FridayHi, my name is Silverstar, and I’m a crazy person. I’m depressed, (or would be if I wasn’t taking three different antidepressants) and wouldn’t leave my apartment except that I have to take my dog out. Actually that’s why I have a dog, so I have to get dressed and leave my apartment for at least 5 minutes a couple of times a day. My dog is a service dog, but she is a cutie. Here’s her picture.

I also have severe osteoarthritis in my knees, and walking any distance kills me. And I’m talking downstairs to the laundry room and back three times to do laundry. Standing to wash dishes is a pain, so is cooking. But nobody else will do it for me, except my boyfriend, The Boyo. And the way he’s working these days, I’m lucky if he can get over here once a week.

My dad, bless his wingnut heart, also has bad knees, so he bought me a disability scooter. Friday and I like to go out and ride on it on nice days. Unfortunately, we live in Seattle. Nowadays we are both so arthritic we need to use the scooter to go out and do her business. Here we are out on the scooter.Me on my scooter Forgive the picture, it was taken with a camera phone.

Currently my projects are to read all the murder mysteries in the Seattle Public Library. Unfortunately for me, they keep getting new ones. And I have to watch TV occasionally. Photography is a hobby of mine, as is crochet, building websites, working with Photoshop and computer graphics, writing, and since I have the supplies, I may even get around to making the scrapbooks I have the materials for. Manana, manana.

I am also a devotee of earth religion and magick. I love being a Pagan, because my friends worship the ground I walk on. (Sorry, old Pagan inside joke.)

I was interested in politics until this campaign and primary season went on and on and on…….I was a nurse for 30 years in my previous life, and so the state of American health care is of great interest to me. Most of my rants will probably be about health care and the ineffective and inefficient way we deliver health care in this country. Any candidate that isn’t talking about how to solve the problems of people going bankrupt from medical care is not getting my vote.

Do I have any regrets? Yes, I regret that I spent so much time at work when I could have been with loved ones. I regret not learning to camp on my own until my forties, after my divorce. I regret not following my dream to become a nurse-midwife. I regret letting my mother talk me out of taking horseback riding in college because of the lab fee. Cripes, I was working full time, it was my money paying my way. I regret ever marrying my dry alcoholic, sexually abusive husband. I definitely DO NOT regret not bringing children into that marriage. He left me impoverished as it was, goddess knows how we would ever have supported children. We had enough trouble feeding two dogs. And an occasional cat. Good thing a stray elephant never wandered by. My ex always wanted a pet monkey. I told him he could have one as soon as I got my pet snake.

I have also had some “interesting” jobs that I will tell you about in my memoir posts. I hope you enjoy my blog.


  1. An arthritic, dog-loving, murder mystery lover like me!!! Glad to meet you!

  2. I love crazy persons, I have to say that its so brave that you get out with the dog and still enjoy lots of things in life. Love to reed your blog.

  3. Hey Mick, I put your blog on my reader. Cool cocept for a blog. Can I help you with your English? For instance reed is a plant, and you read a blog.

  4. That would be very nice, if you see a mistake please correct me. Speaking English is easy, but the grammar sometimes is sooo hard.

  5. Ran into your name (and blog) via brightkite.com. It seems we both grew up with the same name. Pleased to meet you.

  6. Is your name Eileen Hawkins? My name is Eileen and my maiden name is Hawkins. I am from northwest Indiana and I to am disabled and retired. I love animals.

    • Yes, it is. It’s my married name, however.

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog and wondered how I sign up to follow it? I am technologically disadvantaged, lol, and usually have to get my son to show me. I foumd you quite by accident, looking at pictures of corgi lab crosses.

  8. Welcome. On the upper left-hand side of the page you will find an orange thingy that says”subscribe” under it. Clicking that will send any new posts to a reader such as Feedly, Net vibes, or the late lamented Google reader. I fear you will be disappointed, however, as this blog has become something of as cobweb, lately.

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