Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 24, 2008

Twitterpation I

Short takes on my life:

Waiting: Some of you know Anniegirl1138. She has gone to the States because her father is dying. You might not know if you’re not a Facebook friend.

Waiting for boxes: The Boyo was over on Wednesday to help me with the packing. Unfortunately his method is to containerize everything. He containerized everything off of the bedroom dresser in my underwear drawer. Thanks, dude. Now I have to clean out my underwear drawer before I can put, you know, underwear in it. Related: Perhaps he thought it was unused as a I seriously need to do laundry.

Dog Days: So Friday and I made a trip to the vet Wednesday, too. She is now getting more attention than she cares for. Or anyway, different attention than she likes. Antibiotics, ear medicine, Rx shampoo, and a grooming in the offing. I love my vet, she managed to keep the quote for the bill down to a manageble level. And when I got the actual bill, it was even less. Related: Peanut butter and doggie treats work wonders.

Fast approaching windows: So the window team dropped in on Thursday to see how the packing is going. Fortunately, I had some progress to show. Also fortunately, I won’t have to move my computer desk very far. Or disassemble the whole thing. I will box up my monitor, because I can just imagine what a rotahammer would do to a flat screen. Related: The Boyo is bringing boxes in the morning.

Green Team: Seattle was supposed to go to a 20¢ fee on plastic and paper bags in stores at the first of the year. I say supposed to because the American Chemical Manufactures got a referendum on the ballot that will delay it, if it fails. Never mind, the stores are acting like it’s going to happen anyway. Most stores have cheap reusable bags for sale. I have quite a collection by now. Even the library got into the act, and we have library reusable bags. There are stickers on the grocery store doors asking if you remembered your reusable bags. And thanking you for using them. It makes sense. The grocery business has a notoriously low profit margin. Shifting this cost to consumers is worth it to them.

I’m so green: Another thing that was supposed to happen is that fast food joints were to quit using styrofoam and other non-recyclable materials. The Mexican joint in the next block has some new things that are made out of “biomass and corn starch”, and will be recyclable in Seattle’s food waste recycling program. I’m so green, however, I’ve gone to taking my own Tupperware dish to the place, and having them fill it up. Related: Maybe I go there too often. They don’t even ask for my order  anymore,  just start filling my dish.

Mixed drinks: So while I was at the fast food Mexican place (it’s a local chain, not a national one) I went to get a soda, which I don’t usually do. So I fill up with diet Coke. And then push my cup over, which unfortunately turns on the Sprite. And I get it out of there, but into the Hawaiian punch. Related: Slightly yucky.

Location, location, location: A new restaurant opened tonight next door to the fast food joint. Restauranting is a notoriously fickle mistress. Most new restaurants fail within a short time. And I’m wondering if the owners really took location into account in their business plan, since on the same block there are a Thai restaurant, a greasy spoon/bar, a fast food Mexican joint, and two, count them two pizzarias.

Well, enough of my jaded view of the world.


  1. Are you moving or something??? Do you need any help?

  2. Not moving, Katt, just having to pack stuff up so they can install new windows in my place. Help would never be turned down. Email me.

  3. I thought “twitterpation” was Thumper’s way of sayingyou were in love… but, then again, i haven’t seen ‘Bambi’ in 20-some years… glad to hear Seattle is going green. hope the windows come soon…

  4. bringing your own tupperware is SUPER Green! that’s cool! i think it helps to be a regular in that case… hope the window work is over and done soon. that’s got to be brain-poundingly frustrating!

  5. I’m impressed with the tupperware tale too. I wish I was that virtuous.

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