Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 29, 2008

More Happy Dancing

Epona is fixed: And she’s running like new. I have now replaced everything but the drive train on her, just this year. But it still only cost a third of what a new scooter would cost.

Bargain: As he was leaving, Scooterman said that I had timed losing the brakes well, as the price of the part had decreased by 50 % recently. WHOO-HOO!

Weather: The weather here has been unseasonable, ie, not pouring rain. Friday and I are busy riding. Expect more posting when the rain comes. And it will, soon.

Packing: Getting there. Mostly have to pack knickknacks and tchotchkes now. The window team will be by in the morning to give me hell.

Friday: I also need to clip her. No rest for the wicked I guess. Or from them, either, it seems.

Well, off to ride in what passes for sun in Seattle this time of year.

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