Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 20, 2008

So last week was anti-poverty week…

And  all I got out of it was a new game to play. And some studying to do. The game is called Free Poverty, which is sort of anachronistic. It’s sort of like Free Rice, except that you play for water donations, and you play with geography.

So how good is your geography? The game thinks mine is good, it lets me get into the hard level. But the truth is, that like a lot of Americans, I suck at it. You get me away from Europe, or perhaps I should say Western Europe, and I’m lost. Where is Burkina Faso? Well, I know it’s in Africa, but Africa is a large continent. Moldava? Somewhere around the Baltic, I think. But then again, where is the Baltic? Bangladesh? Near India, but I got it on the wrong side. I should have remembered that Bangladesh floods from the sea. Anywhere in Austrailia? I’m lucky if I get it on the correct side of the continent.

I would like the game better if I didn’t have to play through the easy and medium parts for every game. How about starting where I left off. Come on guys, I can pretty well place the Pantheon, the Arc de Triomphe, Big Ben and the White House now. Let me go on, and try to figure out where Syria, Montenegro, and Bangladesh are.

Of course, the game isn’t easy. Although the coutries are outlined, they aren’t labeled. And the states in the US aren’t even outlined, so you have to guess where Kansas City is. Hey, the Mississippi isn’t on the map, either, to give you a clue. Nor is the Amazon. So if you think you know a lot about the world, try this game, and give a little water to folks in poverty. And then go over to Free Rice and give them some food.


  1. I suck at geography 😦

  2. it’s a challenge, so i’ll try it… though i’m with nursemyra and suck at geography. get a few states in from the coast and i’m lost as to what state goes where.

  3. I beyond suck at geography and the less western culture it is the less I know.

  4. I totally suck at geography. But they totally suck at names. Free Poverty? Sheesh.

  5. It is totally amazing to me that people who travel, and have been to real foreign countries like Scotland and Spain and Vietnam, come here and tell me they suck at geography. Hey, my foreign travel has been limited to Tia Juana, Nogales Vancouver and Victoria. You can’t tell me I’m better than you guys are.

  6. Hey, I know EXACTLY where Spain is!

  7. Well, I played the “freepoverty” game and was able to “donate” 214 cups of water before I got five wrong.

    I’ve played a similar game on another website (can’t remember where, though) before that simply scored you on geography.

    The former soviet republics are some of the toughest to figure out, although I couldn’t place any of the Australian place names well enough to avoid wrongs there either.

    While I don’t “suck” at geography, I still have summat to learn.

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