Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 22, 2008

The Price of Progress

Oh dear god, please make the people installing the windows go home. My poor head won’t take the noise anymore today. 5:47 PM Oct 20th from web

That was me, yesterday afternoon. They were working on an apartment above me. Not even right above me, but a whole floor away. Those rotahammers are LOUD. They started early and they ended late.  I couldn’t escape. I’m supposed to be packing.

Windows in the works

Windows in the works

But at least they are making visible progress. The new windows are a different color than the old ones. And of course, you can see where the construction is. I’ve marked my apartment, too, so you can see where they were working, and where I am.

I live in a concrete box. The building is all concrete and cinderblock, with brick mostly for a facade. There are no carpets or anything to dampen the sound. I hear my upstairs neighbor pee on my head. Imagine what a small jackhammer sounds like.  I’m sure it will all be worth it eventually. But right now it’s a pain.

We will be getting new blinds, too, out of the deal. But I need to pack. They need five feet of space around the windows to install them. And my bookshelves are there. The Boyo is supposed to come over tomorrow and help me pack. I hope that’s not all.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for me next Monday, or whenever they do the apartment right above me, I’ll be at the library, hanging out and drinking coffee. Otherwise, I will be insane. And have a really bad headache. Actually, I may be spending a lot of time there, or the local coffee shop.


  1. Why do you let your neighbor pee on your head? Is it in your lease or something?

  2. Raincoaster- Apparently it is the price of cheap rent in public housing. Neighbors pee on your head.

  3. Ah quit yer griping! Imagine how great it’ll be once you have fabulous windows.

    I would love to have balcony doors and windows that actually closed properly. As well as air-conditioning and a lift. But then I’d have to move. No way.

  4. Az- I might actually be able to see out of them. I’m looking out of the window here, and not only is it incredibly dirty (they haven’t washed the outside in more than a year) but there is staining or something between the double panes. I won’t know what to do with all that light.

  5. we had jackhammers at the the gimcrack when they renovated level 3 and the clinic last month. drove the staff to distraction but the patients thought we were just playing ‘some of that new-fangled rock music’

  6. Pee on your head…

    Sometimes your unexpected views crack me up–great phrasing on that.

  7. NurseMyra- I guess there are some advantages to being deaf and/or crazy. Good to know, I may be both before the end of this.

    Kym- glad to oblige.

  8. hey! an end unit. that’s great. one less neighbor.

    good luck packing. it’s a pain, i know. but you’ll get some good windows out of it.

  9. “I guess there are some advantages to being deaf and/or crazy”

    I should imagine there are lots of situations where these would come in handy.

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