Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 18, 2008

My Dog is a Nag, and Election Paranoia

Yes, my dog is a nag. This (early) morning, she nagged me to go to bed. I had taken her out and was sitting in my recliner. She stood at the foot of the recliner, and started barking at me. Now, I’ve said before, she doesn’t bark much. She’s a one woofer. She starts out with a low, quiet woof, followed by silence. If you don’t appear to be getting the message, she will raise her voice, and give you another woof. This will continue until it gets very loud, or you respond. Since I didn’t want her barking at o’dark thirty, I responded. Whereupon she ran into the bedroom to indicate it was sleep time. Nag.

Another way she’ll nag me is to put her head on my knee if I’m sitting at the computer. She usually does this if she wants to go outside, be fed, or wants part of my sandwich, like now.

I got my absentee ballot in the mail today. Yes!!! I am trying hard not to believe the allegations that Greg Palast and Robert Kennedy Jr. have made in the lastest issue of Rolling Stone that the election is already stolen. I say trying, because I have some evidence that perhaps it is. A few months back sent out an email with the address to a site where you could check your voter registration. I did, and it came back that I was registered and didn’t need to do anything. So far so good. So, a couple of weeks  back, I went to the Secretary of State for Washington’s site and checked my registration again. No record found. What???? Excuse me???? *sigh* So I re-registered and asked for a permanent absentee ballot. Which was something I had intended to do, anyway. What happened to my registration? I haven’t a clue. But if you’re into conspiracy theories, maybe our Republican Secretary of State decided to purge anyone who checked their registration from the MoveOn site.

Fortunately, Palast and Kennedy also give us some guidelines on how to steal back your vote. You have to give them a donation to download the comic book, but what you donate is up to you. They say they’ll take a penny, but really, it’s probably not worth it for less than a dollar. I’ve already done one of them, by checking to see if I was registered more than once, and re-registering. Some of the other advice, such as not mailing it in? I dunno. I got the absentee ballot because getting to the polling place is such a pain in the ass. Besides, I like the idea of sitting in my home, with my voter’s pamphlet from the county, and figuring out who I want to vote for. I can drop off my absentee ballot at the polling place on election day. I can also mail it, making sure it is signed correctly, has enough postage, I use the correct type of pen, and then pray. And since between now and election day I have to pack up and be gone for three days, I think I will mail it. I hate to tell Palast and Kennedy, but most counties in Washington only do mail-in balloting. King County is one of the few that still maintains polling places.

The other thing I have to do is make sure The Boyo got his absentee ballot, and didn’t get de-registered like me. And maybe it’s time for me to become one of those little old lady election judges.


  1. That scares the shit out of me. I always vote absentee.
    I looked up my county here
    and didn’t find us listed, so maybe it’s okay.
    But it’s scary how many errors there are.

    I used to vote just to make sure I canceled out my ex husband’s vote. This time I married someone with similar political views. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
    We both vote permanent absentee. We open the ballots, talk about the possibilities, look up the issues, mark ’em and mail ’em. I like it.

  2. I am horrified about the votes being so manipulated. Do you think mailed in votes are any safer (from being discarded)?

  3. Sal- Palast recommends not mailing them. And in fact, there were a whole bunch of absentee ballots that were set aside and only found in the middle of a hotly contest recount in the last governor’s election here.

  4. Well, mine is already in the mail.

    So are you expecting riots on the 5th?

  5. Annie- I was going to say “only if McCain ‘wins’,” but considering some of the nastiness and racism I’ve heard lately, it’s kind of scary.

  6. I worked at a polling booth at our last election, it was also my first time voting as an australian citizen. each vote was sorted and checked by three people and it was so exciting to be there and see Labour outnumbering Liberal by a large margin.

    hey, love your new autumnal header!

  7. my son voted absentee in person to make sure he didn’t mail it in, but i’m still paranoid that the ohio vote will be jacked… the republican secretary of state (who apparently orchestrated voting ‘irregularities’ in the last presidential election) is long gone, but i’m still skeptical…

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