Posted by: silverstar98121 | September 8, 2008

The Ferrragamo Fund

Well folks, I got Epona (my scooter) fixed, but it cost me. Oh, did it cost me. About as much as a pair of Ferragamo Trainers. I was able to pay the bill by taking a “checking account advance” from the bank….at 120% interest. Not as bad as Moneytree, but not cheap either. And of course, paying it off will make me short next month. And I need a new pair of shoes. The airy trail shoes I’m wearing won’t do well in a Seattle winter. Friday needs to go to the vet. Whineeeeeee. Therefore I have set up a Paypal account in case anyone wants to throw some money my way. Of course, I will probably waste it on food and rent, but if it’s any comfort to you, you can believe in your hearts that I’m spending it on Ferragamo’s. There’s a button on the sidebar.

There’s always something when you live on Social Security. The button is also handy for birthdays, Xmas, etc. I will be truly grateful, and if you like, I will be like public television and send you a “Thank You” gift of a print of one of my photos. Your choice from any on the site. We’re talking an 8×10 here. Not one of those little 4×6″ photos.


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