Posted by: silverstar98121 | September 8, 2008

Safari So Goodie

So Sunday was the appointed day to trek to the zoo to replace the T-shirt that The Boyo borrowed and then

Ready to travel

Ready to travel

ruined mixing concrete. And we decided to drag Best Gal Pal (hereafter known as BGP) along with us. You may remember that she is having a rough time right now, although things have settled down some, and a generous donor has offered a computer for her. Thank you, Compu-Diva.

Flamingos napping.

Flamingos napping.

Along with the T-shirt Quest, BGP and I were set on seeing the flamingos, a new exhibit that we hadn’t seen before. So after a picnic lunch we brought (we are all too cheap and too broke for zoo food) we set off for the flamingos. (Even Friday got to eat al fresco.) I loves me some flamingos. And I found out they have pink knees! They’re not as brightly colored as the plastic ones on the lawn however. Darn. Meanwhile, we eagerly await the new penguin exhibit that will open next year. (More flamingos over at Photofilia.)

After that, we went to the seasonal exhibit, Butterflies

I'm a butterfly!


and Blooms. I love butterflies, I always wanted to be one, and I got the chance here. I was also glad I had used my Flonase so that I wasn’t sneezing in there. The biggest thrill was when a butterfly landed on Epona. No, I don’t know what kind it is, but it’s not for lack of trying to find out. *sigh* The

Butterfly on Epona

Butterfly on Epona

closest I can come is it might be a mourning cloak.  I guess I should have asked while I was there. I posted a picture of a monarch on yarrow over at Photofilia.



Anyway, here’s a picture of The Boyo and BGP being caterpillars. Not that they crawl around and eat leaves (although they do occasionally eat lettuce leaves) and I haven’t seen them pupate, but I think they are cute little caterpillars. Although maybe The Boyo was pupating when he spent two days being sick and snoring in my bed last week.You folks do know that if you click on the thumbnails, they will grow to full size, don’t you? I don’t cut my photos down to nothing like some folks .

Komodo dragon statue

Komodo dragon statue

Next, like all good Pagans, we had to visit the Komodo dragons. Sorry, they are behind glass, and notoriously difficult to photograph. But I thought you might like this picture for a substitute.  I love dragons, even if they are just big lizards, and don’t breathe fire.

Then it was on to the elephants. Where the biggest thrill of the day was watching a bull elephant take a piss. He was right near a pond, and I was afraid he was going to cause it to flood. I guess the biggest land mammal also has the biggest

Bull Elephant

Bull Elephant


Time for a snacky. So we broke down and bought ourselves some Hagen Das bars at a ridiculous price, and just told ourselves that the profits went to maintain the zoo. And it would have been pretty hard to haul ice cream bars from home.



One of the other thrills we had was seeing the tiger come out of his lair. Of course, he was pacing back and forth, in and out, and so most of my pictures were of his tail end somehow. Oh, well, when you are on safari, you have to expect that the animals will be shy. Except for Friday. Yes, because she is a service dog, she gets to go to the zoo, too. She loves it. She has bunches of kids petting her. and she likes riding on the scooter.

Then it was off to the Zoo Store to procure The T-shirt. Of course, they didn’t have the same one anymore, (not that I particulary wanted a duplicate.) So, I had to look around and find what I wanted. Unfortunately, some that I would have loved to have apparently were not available in size huge. But I did eventually find one that was awesome. How awesome? Well, you’ll just have to wait until T-shirt Friday to find out, won’t you.

Even more pictures here in my Facebook Album. Yes, everybody can look at it, even if you aren’t on Facebook. And if you are, and are so inclined, friend me.


  1. love the flamingo’s – as well as the bearded catepillar! that’s not something you see every day, is it?

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by all. And the weather cooperated too. Glad you enjoyed the outing.

  3. I await T-shirt Friday with eager anticipation.

  4. lovely photos silverstar

  5. great back-to-nature frolic! sounds like it was quite relaxing. glad you had a butterfly land on Epona… that’s supposed to be good luck!

  6. I’m with DaisyFae – the bearded caterpillar was my favorite exhibit.

    Hey, my friend’s going to be in Seattle this weekend for the lamer 49’er game. What’s to do on a Friday night in your city? He said Lydia Pense was playing somewhere, but she’s way more SF than Seattle. Any ideas?

  7. Daisy Fae and BC- the bearded caterpillar is a favorite of mine, too.

    Rob- We’ve had lovely weather for a week. Yes, we all had a good time.

    Annie- It will come eventually.

    Gnukid- glad to hear that butterflies landing are good luck. I could use some.

    BC- for your friend I recommend the listings in the The Stranger. Myself, I don’t get out much for nightlife, so wouldn’t know.

  8. strange… I thought I left a comment here last time I visited… love the flamingos

  9. Looks like it was a wonderful day. Great photos!

    “glad to hear that butterflies landing are good luck”

    It’s also supposed to be good luck to have a bird shit on your head, so I guess I was little miss lucky yesterday.

  10. Nurse Myra, apparently you did leave a comment, which for some reason got shunted to spam, where it whirled around for a few days before it even showed up in my spam queue. Now you have two comments. I would never turn down two from you.

  11. […] September 26, 2008 by silverstar98121 So once upon a time, The Boyo borrowed a t-shirt from me. And forgot to mention it was borrowed. Until he wore it to mix concrete and ruined it. Bad Boyo. Bad, bad. And thus he had to replace it. It came from the Zoo, and so he had to replace it with one from the zoo. The story of the trip to the zoo for the replacment is here. […]

  12. […] today was a better day. I actually spent yesterday reading books under my SAD light, and today my Best Gal-Pal came over at a moment’s notice to help me get things squared away. Many boxes were unpacked, […]

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