Posted by: silverstar98121 | September 10, 2008

Minor annoyances

Well, Daisy Fae started it. She had a bad day yesterday, and blogged it. I’m not having a bad day, just some minor annoyances in my life. To wit:

  1. Sink Stoppers- why haven’t they yet engineered one that always goes in correctly and thus retains the water? None of them work properly.
  2. The hot water in my apartment. Or actually, the lack thereof. I don’t know where the water is heated, but it must be close to China. I can run water for five minutes and not get hot water. I was raised in the American Southwest where water is a precious commodity, and running water like this makes Baby Jesus cry. If I saved it up for my plants, as some places suggest, I would have a years supply for the plants within a week. Haven’t you people heard about peak water yet?
  3. Facebook is being a pain in the arse today. Every time I try to play Scramble, it flips me out to a search engine. An effect of the Large Hadron Collider?
  4. I’m very disappointed that it isn’t the Large Hard-on Collider.
  5. I love The Boyo to pieces, but every time he washes dishes, I end up re-washing half of them. I think it’s genetic with most men.
  6. Whoever thought that galley kitchens with a pass-through was a good idea was nuts. I would have rather had them put the sink on the other wall and leave the kitchen open. As it is, I have no room and no counter space.
  7. Can I opt out of things like the big books my health insurance company keeps sending me? The information is available, and probably more up-to-date online. Save a tree, don’t send it to me.
  8. Why is it that any horizontal space automatically collects clutter?
  9. Dear politician, I don’t want your freaking news letter. kthx bye
  10. OK, I’m annoyed with  the way this thing is going.

I’m off to join the circus. Or do grocery shopping, or something.


  1. circus – now THERE’S a grand solution! sorry the “bad annoying day” thing is spreading…

  2. the most annoying sink stoppers ever are those expensive cute ones that feature a “drowning hand” as the handle.

    I bought one as a christmas stocking filler for my two favourite homos and every time we washed the dishes we knocked the protruding hand and lost all the water

  3. I choked when I read the “Large Hard-on Collider.” I’ll never be able to take it seriously again.

  4. Daisy Fae- ended up grocery shopping. Probably should have joined the circus.

    Nurse Myra- Why can’t the cute be functional? Present company excepted. We are all functional.

    Kym- Just a service we present- putting things into proper perspective.

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