Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 28, 2008

T-Shirt Friday

I hear rumors that it’s T-shirt Friday over at Nurse Myra’s. Daisy Fae is playing along, and I hear rumors that there may be more players, so tune in over at Nurse Myra’s for updates.

Space Needle T-shirt

Space Needle T-shirt

In my humble opinion, a T-shirt isn’t any bloody good if it doesn’t have a story. This one only sort of has a story. I live three blocks from the Space Needle, which is smack in downtown Seattle. The Space Needle was built for the 1962 World’s Fair. Now Seattle Center, of which the Space Needle is a centerpiece, is owned by the City of Seattle. However, the Space Needle is privately owned and operated.

Although this T-shirt says “I made it to the Top” I haven’t been up in the Needle for many years. The $20 fee is too steep for my meager income. Of course, you can go up “free” if you have lunch or dinner in the  revolving restaurant for beaucoup bucks. But I did buy this T-shirt one time when I was rich.

Seattle Center is one of my favorite hangouts, like a big park with theaters in it, and a food court. The city is planning to renovate it, altough I don’t see anything wrong with it the way it is. Actually, they’ve been talking about it for 20 years. All this for $500 million, most of which they hope to get from private donors. However, there is already talk about a $150 million charge to the taxpayers. I oppose this because Washington State has only a sales tax (nearly 10% in Seattle) and no income taxes. The burden fall proportionally harder on the poor, like me.

Seattle had the brains to tell the Sonics to get lost when they wanted us to build them a new arena for $300 million, or renovate Key Arena, (which stands in Seattle Center) for $100 million. We will live without them. I think we can live without this redesign, too.
BTW, Maxi’s rounded up his posse and is flaming me in my comments. Did I misread what he wrote? Am I too sensitive? Maybe somebody should go show him some love. Or maybe we should all ignore the little twerp, and I should just close the comments. What do you think?

Never mind. Comments are off on that post now. There’s only so much shit I have to take on my own blog. Too bad, sometimes he was really funny. Not this time, though.


  1. I agree. Definitely needs a good story.

  2. yikes! i just got in the door and it seems everyone has beat me to it! now i have to find a t-shirt with a story! just let me have one drink first. it’s been a hard day at the gimcrack

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  4. love the park by The Needle – got pics of my son and mom ‘skateboarding’ at the park there. ok, so we parked mom in her wheelchair on a ramp with the brakes locked (arms in the air, naturally) to get the pic, but it was a beautiful place! will hook up the link shortly! woo hoo! this is fun!

  5. did go to the top for dinner once during transplant days… wonderful view… almost as wonderful a view as you in that t-shirt… [wink]

  6. […] the ladies – on three continents and four countries – who are playing along today are nursemyra, silverstar and my uncanny twin sister in South Africa, ms. dolce vita…  And later today, Annie joined […]

  7. Silver, Maxi lives in the UK where the system is apparently much easier to enter than in the U.S. which as we know is designed to outlast the sick and disabled. The thing about his rant was that despite qualifying to account for the truly needy he still paints a picture that most people who are on disability or welfare are cheats who don’t need it. He reinforces a stereotype more than he points out flaws in the system. And isn’t he a part of the fraud if he knows about cheaters and is silent?

    Great shirt by the way.

  8. Annie, Maxi lives in Ireland, southern Ireland, Dublin to be exact. I read some UK disabled bloggers. They don’t have it any easier than we do, sometimes they have it harder. One woman in a wheelchair from osteogenisis imperfecta or brittle bone disease, doesn’t qualify for an accessible apartment over there, and has to go down two steps to a common bathroom. That’s hard and dangerous.

    I don’t know the specifics for Ireland, but I really doubt they are as easy as Maxi thinks. And I dislike the stereotyping, and his throwing a hissy fit at being mildly criticized. Maybe someday he will grow up.

  9. Well, I noticed that he has moved on to topics of which he is more knowledgeable of – like wanking himself.

  10. Annie- I wouldn’t know, he’s off my radar. However, I am sure he knows more about that topic.

  11. Great t-shirt … nice slogan.

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