Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 31, 2008

Announcing Silverstar’s Ferragamo Fund

Well folks, I got Epona (my scooter) fixed, but it cost me. Oh, did it cost me. About as much as a pair of Ferragamo Trainers. I was able to pay the bill by taking a “checking account advance” from the bank….at 120% interest. Not as bad as Moneytree, but not cheap either. And of course, paying it off will make me short next month. And I need a new pair of shoes. The airy trail shoes I’m wearing won’t do well in a Seattle winter. Friday needs to go to the vet. Whineeeeeee. Therefore I have set up a Paypal account in case anyone wants to throw some money my way. Of course, I will probably waste it on food and rent, but if it’s any comfort to you, you can believe in your hearts that I’m spending it on Ferragamo’s. There’s a button on the sidebar.

McCain’s VP scares the H-E-double-toothpicks out of me. She is everything we don’t need in a female top office holder. One of the things that scares me is no one seems to quite be able to pin down her religious background. Although some information on Daily Kos seems to indicate she is Assembly of God, one of the most fundamental and abusive churches in the US. To my mind, that makes her Manchurian Candidate #2 in this Presidential Election. Dogemperor, the writer of the diary at Daily Kos is a survivor and escapee from the Assembly of God, and frequently writes about Dominionist religion, and how it is affecting the American political and social scene. They are apparently trying to hide her ties to the church. If you google “Sarah Palin, religion” you get “non-denominational Christian.” If you google her name with “Assembly of God”, you get a lot more information.

Just spent an hour on the phone tonight with my best IRL gal-pal. She is bipolar, and I know some of my loyal readers know the implications of that. And she is cycling. She calls me because I know what questions to ask, like “what are you doing about it?” And “are you maintaining well enough to keep your job?” “If you can’t keep you job, what are you going to do?” *sigh* She just got this job four months ago, and we had hoped that by now she could have gotten a new(er) computer at RePC. She is a great writer, but her computer is so old it doesn’t even have USB ports. Or a working modem. It has PCI-1 slots, for pete’s sake. Anyway, I’m holding my breath and her hand through this. She is on a new mood stabilzer, but has to ramp it up slowly. Meanwhile things arent’ looking good at work for her. It may be time for her to think about becoming a welfare cheat, like me. We’ll see how it goes. Crap. Been there, done that, no fun.

Even though it’s been frigid here, with high temperatures in the 55° F range, Friday and I have been out riding. The weather is supposed to be warmer today, so we will be out again. The Zoo on Monday? Maybe, or Tuesday. It’s fun again.


  1. Aside from the religion thing – which is pretty huge – and her wanting to restrict women’s choices to those she herself prefers – she isn’t a slouch of a candidate. Remember Quayle? She is not that and as a admin experience goes, she has more than Obama. It was a shrewd pick.

    Trouble is that I can identify with a working mom who is two months to the exact day younger than I am. And I knew a few Ass of God people back in Iowa who were surprisingly tolerant and live/let live people.

    Sorry about your friend. SSDI is a tough one to get on though. Can’t she use the ADA to hold her employers at bay for a bit? If she does get fired though remind her to file for Unemployment. My late husband’s company fired him because of his illness related behavior and I took the company’s challenge all the way to the judge who found for us. It’s illegal to fire people for being ill.

  2. Annie- not so much worried about her getting fired as having to quit to maintain her own sanity. No job is worth having to go to the psych unit for. Last time she cycled she had been with the company several years, and took a long sick leave, but ended up leaving anyway. She’s was just getting on her feet from that debacle. She can get unemployment if she quits due to illness. We’ll see.

  3. your list of questions for your friend are on target – i’ll add them to my list when my sister “cycles” — “are you sleeping? have you called anyone else? does your local friend know how you’re feeling?”…. you’re a good friend to her…

    have been too buried in boxes and cleaning out the old house to track the politics, but believe the choice of Sarah Palin was brilliant, and if she catches enough of the cranky “hillary-ites”, it’ll be enough to swing the election. damn them….

  4. Ferragamo perfume…aaaggggggaaaahahahahaahhaaaaa. I loves it. Even if I’ll never buy it, on principal.


    And bugger, I’m going to have to read up on Palin. She’s a non entity here. But that’s about to change, nes pas?

  5. Daisy Fae, I think it’s brilliant, too, if only the women in this country are totally ignorant fools. Let’s hope not. Palin stands for everything Hillary is against.

    Dolce- I think that’s the point. Until this announcement she pretty much was a non-entity anywhere south of Alaska. They’re hoping we will all go,”oh, look, a woman on the Republican ticket. Now we don’t have to vote for that n*****.” I personally don’t think it will work, but then I didn’t think the swift-boating of Kerry would work either.

  6. Send me a private e-mail with your friend’s address – I have some older but not ancient computers to give away, I’ll mail her one. Tell me she doesn’t need a monitor, ‘k?

  7. Have you guys seen this?


  8. Saw it, posted it on my Facebook page. Along with the observation that she reminds me of all the girls in high school who wouldn’t have anything to do with me unless there was an election on or dirty work to do. And this seems to back that observation up:

  9. That’s some scary shit. I hope it circulates enough to scare the right leaning moderates.

  10. […] decided to drag Best Gal Pal (hereafter known as BGP) along with us. You may remember that she is having a rough time right now, although things have settled down some, and a generous donor has offered a computer for […]

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