Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 27, 2008

It’s too soon!

Here it is, Aug-ember in Washington State. It’s so cold my heat came on last night. It was 81° F on Saturday, and pouring rain like November on Sunday. The Boyo was over for our regular pajama party Friday night, and left here Saturday with a cold. Great, just at the most contagious time, he comes over here. Luckily, I rarely get sick, knock on wood. However, I have a little cough, and a tickle in my throat. Out comes the Vitamin C and the echinnacea.

He showed up again Monday about midnight, and has only been upright about six hours since then. The nice thing about him when he’s sick is he doesn’t bother anybody, just sleeps. I had to wake him up to put some food in him yesterday. Is it really still August?

This weekend is Labor Day, and that means Bumbershoot. I hate Bumbershoot. Not only is it expensive to get into, they play music I hate, but unlike Folklife, I can hear it at my apartment. Looks like it might be cool and rainy this weekend, which will keep some of the problems down, and I’ll have an excuse to keep my windows shut.

It totally amuses me when people like this go on and on about the lazy people on disability, and when you call them on it, they say, “Oh, I wasn’t talking about you.”  I’m sure there are a few cheats, but I’m also sure that they are a lot less than the general public thinks they are. Get a clue folks, it’s like talking about the lazy n********, and then turning to Barack Obama, and saying, “Oh, I didn’t mean you, you’re half white.” I’m sure there are bad and lazy people in both camps, but just STFU already.

They have TwitterSnooze so you can block out your long-winded friends occasionally, (or in Raincoaster’s case, minute by minute Tweets from Gnomedex). Do you suppose they could make PoliticalConventionSnooze. Oh, right, it already is. We know how this story ends. Having said that, I keep looking for Michelle Obama’s speech on the tubes, but no luck. Guess I should have tuned into PBS (I don’t have/want cable.)

Although I resisted it for a long time, so far I like Facebook. Mostly because I can do everything there. I have some genealogy stuff on my page, all my books from GoodReads, of course, Scramble, and you can even blog from Facebook. But it won’t walk the dog. Speaking of which, I’d better pretty soon.

Friday is limping less, but I think it’s time to get the doggie aspirin out, so she can be comfortable this winter. She’s arthritic like me. If she was any other dog, and I was any other person, I probably would retire her. Well, for the most part, she is retired. Just don’t tell on us when we go to the grocery store.


  1. agree that it’s too soon for the end of summer – let’s just hope it’s an indication of an extended autumn (best season of the year just about anywhere in north america!)

  2. Some of the leaves are already turning colour here (started about a week or two ago…). This morning when I got up it was +3.0 degrees C outside. Dang! That’s nearly frost and we’ve still got a whole garden full of produce to eat!

    Bummer about the Boyo and his cold. It’s too soon for that cold BS too.

    On the plus side, school is back in next week. Yay!

  3. Thanks for linking that obnoxious young man who believes disability is some sort of lottery strike. Pissed me off that jerk didn’t enable comments. I’d have let him have it!

    Yeah, summer is done here too. It’s already getting dark at 9PM. Sigh. I miss the long sunshine days.

  4. Best part of summer is that it is light when I get up at 5. Worst part of fall is that it isn’t light then.

    This morning the sun didn’t rise until almost 6:30. It is hard to get up in the dark.

  5. Annie, comments are on. Comment away. Look down at the bottom where it say “8 linguistically colorful comments.” I already gave him a snootful.

    Rob- and the summer festivals are over. Go home until Christmas time, dang it.

    Daisy, yeah, fall is nice. For most of the country, it’s relief from the heat.

    Kym- those of us who crawl back into our coffins at dawn are having to stay up longer. Darn.

  6. how easy is it to get on welfare over there? it’s quite hard over here and it’s really such a pittance that I don’t know how anyone can have any decent quality of life on it.

    the majority of people would work if they could find jobs. there will always be those who rort the system but genuinely the sick and disabled deserve our compassion not our disdain.

    I couldn’t be bothered to finish reading the link but I suspect he writes more to get a reaction than because he really believes what he’s saying

  7. Yeah, I’d had enough about a quarter of the way in. I suspect he has no understanding of the process. I had a nurse, get this a nurse write in to the newspaper about how people here are getting on disability for “a little back pain.” I can say from experience that will come back to haunt her.

  8. Disability is VERY difficult to get here, but welfare isn’t hard. It’s hard living on $510 a month, though; in the UK they get three times that!

  9. It’s still SUMMER here. Just got back from an evening walk because it’s ‘cooler’ now (34º at 9pm).

    I don’t think I’ll look at that link … don’t want to raise my blood pressure.

  10. Gave me a snootful?

    You completely missed the point of the post, and it doesn’t surprise me. I was talking about the people cheating the system, not the genuine. The only person with a disability who wouldn’t be able to see that is a visually impaired person.

    But you’re too busy trying to carry that chip on your shoulder to realise that.

    Did I once write “Disabled people are out to scam tax payers”? No. If you can find a line that resembles that in the post, I’ll retract the whole thing. If you work on a building site to get paid under the counter but claim disability for a bad back, you’re a fraud. And it’s crystal clear that that’s what I’m saying.

    And what’s with the N****** line? That made about as much sense as your whole argument.

    If I had called all disabled people cheats then I’d accept your rebuttal, but I honestly can’t understand where it came from.

    I’ll be very surprised if this comment ends up being published and if it does I’ll expect a proper response, unclouded by unjustified anger.

    As for anyone else, the comments on my page have always and will always be enabled. I don’t delete comments either, so feel free.

  11. A Swing and a Miss

    Maxi- I got your point all right. You were talking about scammers. But you are talking like most of the people on disability are scammers. And a lot of doctors are scammers, too. I resent that. I have had to listen to that crap about myself from my siblings, who should know better. So maybe I do have a chip on my shoulder. The point of my post was saying “I wasn’t talking about you.” doesn’t help. It’s still hurtful.

    Not only that, you are making fun of people with invisible disabilities. Just because you don’t see their disability, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I resent that, too. When I was first disabled my disabilities were invisible.

    Some of the people in this country think we are all scammers, too. Most of them have no idea what it takes to get on disability, how hard it is. I’ve even had a nurse write into the paper to say that she thinks people are on disability for “a little back pain.”

    If you know of scammers, turn them in. Quit making blanket statements about people on disability on your blog. Walk a mile in my shoes before you go sounding off.

    You swung too hard, and you missed how people on disability might see your post. And you fell on your ass.

  12. Did you check my shoes out? You swung at my comment on Maxi’s site, without all the facts.

  13. Your shoes? What have your shoes got to do with it? I went to your site to see if you had to wear some kind of orthopedic shoes or something, but no, don’t see anything. If you are talking about your resentment that your grandparents raised you while your mother smoked pot, OK. However, you don’t get to be paranoid schizophrenic from pot smoking. It is more likely she was self-medicating to keep herself calm. It’s an inherited disease, and you resent that she exists. You said so in your comment. Too bad, unfortunately we don’t get to pick our families. If we did, I would have chosen someone besides the drunk that used to beat me with anything handy that was my mother. But she was self-medicating her long-term post-partum depression. It took me a long time, but I forgave her. Maybe when you’re thirty years older you will forgive your mother, too.

  14. Re: Maxi Cane’s blog about benefit fraudsters – you’re an idiot, anyone can see he was slaggin off the lazy layabouts who abuse the system, nowhere did he ever insinuate that everyone on benefits is a lazy cheat.

    Get off your high horse and learn to read

    Might I suggest you get off your high horse and learn some empathy.

  15. Without getting into the argument too much silverstar, you said yourself that you got the point of Maxi’s post about scammers – and the sad fact is that a great deal, if not the majority, of those on incapacity benefit or other form of welfare over here are scamming the system.
    You could simply say, ‘well its not like that in the good ol U.S of A’, but instead you chose to take offence at a genuine and justified statement about people wrongly sponging off the state – not a “blanket statement about people on disability”, but a direct statement on how unjust it is to see able-bodied citizens take advantage of the system.
    Swing and a hit, i’d say.

  16. Sheepworrier-

    I don’t know about over there, but here in the good old US of A you have to be practically dead to get SSDI, our form of disability.

    I believe the proper phrase here is “bugger off.”

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