Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 6, 2009


OK, I’m sober now. I’ve come down off my money and sugar high. And all I had to do was look at my bank balance. I spent almost all of my inheritance. Of course, this is only the portion my sister was willing to part with without her looking over my shoulder. And at least there is the “almost” instead of “and then some.”

So, I’m happy. I got a T-Mobile G1 phone that I love. Now I can follow Twitter anywhere. Be warned, followers. If you don’t know what the G1 is, it’s an iphone rival. But since I am allergic to both Apple and AT&T, and I’ve been with T-Mobile since it was Voicestream (ten years now), it was perfect. It will get a lot of use.

I also got a video camera, so there may be more videos of Seattle life appearing here. It depends on if my loyal readers want to see them, or if you consider them a nuisance and would like more writing.  I also got a couple pressies for people I love. And I’m feeling really selfish in the light of day for getting myself big expensive presents. (Well, actually, both the phone and the camera are small in size.)

And now ladies and germs, it’s an unheard-of 64° F in Seattle on April 6th, and I’m going outside with my phone and my cameras. Plural. Back later. Meanwhile, here’s a poll to amuse you.


  1. life’s short! you are living within your means, and the inheritance was a gift from your father! no need to feel guilty!

  2. “I spent almost all of my inheritance”

    Hell yeah!

    Can’t wait to see what sort of pics the phone takes. I’ve seen the ads and it looks like a great phone.

  3. Ooooh, I love goodies. Have fun with yours!

  4. Well, can’t take it with you …

    Have you seen this?

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