Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 7, 2009

I am not (credit) worthy

Somehow, in the last little while, my credit worthiness has gone by the board. Specifically, my credit limit at a certain department store has decreased five-fold. I did not know that until I tried to buy something today. OK, I’ve had some problems, mostly related to a blood-sucking credit card company that tried to squeeze every penny out of me by changing my due date, thus making for late payments, then sticking on late payment fees, which then made me over the limit, and invoked an over-the-limit fee. It was a secured credit card, which meant I had a savings account behind it. One they payed me a whole 0.1% interest on. They charged me 24%, and after I started being “late”, raised it to 32%. There is something so wrong with this picture. The people who have the money to back their credit cards are charge high rates because supposedly they are bad risks. The guys who haven’t got a dime and are living on their credit cards can move their balances from card to card trying to get the best deal, as long as they are making the minimum payment.  People who pay off their credit cards every month are known in the industry as “deadbeats.” And we wonder why this nation is in trouble.

So, even though I’ve been making my payments right along on the store credit card, and more than minimum at that, apparently my credit rating tanked because I told the secured card to take my money and pay off the card, the shove it. Of course they manipulated it so that I kept racking up over-the-limit and late fees until I called them and whined, and got my interest rate knocked down and a moratorium on fees. I’ve paid that puppy off. I’ve been working on paying off the store card, too. But I didn’t know my credit limit was now less than $100. And I’m mad. As soon as I got home, that card went into the shredder, and they’ve lost a customer for good.

Strange thing is, I talked to Mrs. Precisely the other night, and I have more money coming. The bulk of what I’m being gifted from dad’s estate will be locked up away from my itchy fingers, but I still get some to put in short term savings, and to do some stuff with like take the dog to the vet, join the YMCA so I can exercise in the pool, and get renter’s insurance. Especially since I have some expensive new toys.

And so, unnamed department store, kiss my grits. You don’t stock enough women’s petites in my size anyway. And I know who does. I also know where the closeout stores are. And I don’t need to be sprayed with cologne every time I walk in the door past the impossible to miss cosmetic counters.

And it would not hurt my feelings for the current business model of the credit card companies to do a pratfall. Our country should be running on what American’s save, not what the Chinese have invested. I may be a spendthrift who is being forced to be thrifty, but I think that is the way of the future. And the past. It’s how this country was built, and must be rebuilt.

So I will wait until I get the check from Mrs. Precisely, and then I will go buy some spring/summer clothes. They will probably even fit better, since the women’s petites I tried on at unnamed department store were still an inch too long. And I will be happy. The only credit thing I want any thing to do with from now on is a credit union.


  1. store cards ARE THE WORST! i cut mine up a few years back when they started doing that “due date” move thing. it’s a scam. they were pissed because i was a deadbeat, paying off my cards monthly. i was lucky to be in a spot to clean it up, and tell ’em to bite me at the first sign of being jacked… ugh!

  2. Yep. That credit card thing is a scam. And, it’s a trap I fell into in my youth as well. I know much better now and I guess I fall into that “deadbeat” category.

    It’s a shame the way some businesses treat their “customers”.

    Although it became “politically incorrect” after 9/11, I kind of liked the idea Chuck Palahniuk came up with for “Fight Club”, erasing everyone’s debt allowing all to start over with a clean slate.

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