Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving T-Shirt Friday

After much to-do, since I apparently managed to mess up my card reader when I installed my hard drive, I have finally managed to download some photos by hooking the camera directly to the PC. Who knew? Anyway, here is my entry:


Denver Aquarium T-shirt

Denver Aquarium T-shirt

As the T-shirt says, it’s from the Downtown Aquarium in Denver, CO. I got the T-shirt when The Boyo and I visited my Dad for his birthday last year. That’s part of the story. Another part is that there actually is an aquarium in landlocked Denver. And it’s a pretty good one, IMHO, concentrating on fish and water issues of the arid high plains. Another thing they have is a tiger. We had to wait for them to corral the tiger up high where they didn’t thing he would see Friday and consider her a snack. I had her ride on Epona, too, and we snuck by him. BTW, tigers can swim, and I have no doubt if he wanted a Friday snack, he could have jumped the glass wall they have there. We also got to feed and pet some sting rays there, destung, I assume. It was fun, and I bought some kids that were really looking like they wanted to feed the sting rays, but money was tight some food so they could feed the sting rays, too. I had a blast there, and this sunny shirt reminds me of that time, and the hot July weekend we were there.


  1. sounds like a cool day, I love aquariums.

  2. best things about vacation t-shirts! brings back the adventure!

  3. So… bought some kids and fed them to the sting rays?

    Cool! I hope they were delinquents.

    I have a closet full of vacation t-shirts. I never wear them. Not sure why….

  4. great happy holiday t shirt 🙂

  5. Thanks, ladies.

    Rob- can you tell I wrote that after I’d been up about 36 hours? Actually, I bought some frozen fish for the kids to feed to the stingrays. The children were too young to be delinquent, and were remarkably well behaved. That’s why they got some fish to feed to the stingrays.

  6. That was a great memory. It made me remember the time I went to the Monteray Aquarium.

  7. I’ve only ever been to one aquarium (in Barcelona) and it was fabulous.

    Sounds like it was a great holiday. I don’t have any vacation t-shirts. Hmmm…

  8. I just thought you were talking from themorgenheutegesternwelt.

  9. sledpress- translation please? Babelfish says tomorrow today yesterday world. But I’m sure it has a figurative meaning.

  10. Wish I’d managed this month. But nice shirt, Silver. I’m partial to Dolphins.

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