Posted by: silverstar98121 | September 17, 2008

Salmon Homecoming

The weather remains gorgeous, Epona is working well, and so expect intermittent blogging. I’m getting behind on my housework and reading, too. And my DVR is filling up. Phooey. It’s supposed to be at least in the 60’s for another week, Yay!!



So I did make it to Salmon Homecoming. The food was wonderful, even if they did have a banner that said “Salmonchanted Evening.” Salmon, corn and fry bread. Yum. What’s fry bread? They take a sweet dough and deep fry it. Heart attack on a plate. Present at every Native wingding. I eat it plain, but it’s good with honey or jam on it, too.

Besides the food, they had a lot of crafts there. I was just looking this year, but last

Totem Carving

Totem Carving

year got a really nice warm hoodie with a hummingbird on it. It is interesting to see the totem pole carvings, dreamcatchers and such.

Caddo Indian

Caddo Indian

But I wanted to see the dancing. I love Native Dancing. And they start the kids dancing when they are tiny. It’s a blast to watch the little ones dance to the drums. And the costumes for the fancy-dancing are great. They had eagle dancers there, and jingle dancers. Natives came from all over. This guy is a Caddo Indian from Oklahoma.

The Natives around here don’t wear all the feathers, like the Plains

Coast Salish Hat

Coast Salish Hat

Indians do. And they wear funny, conical hats made out of cedar bark. But that’s better for around here, it sheds rain and what sun we have.

My favorite dancers are the jingle dancers, so called because their costumes have bells all over them. And boy do they jingle when they dance! I also like to watch the shawl dancers, and the fancy-dancers, with their very colorful costumes.

I didn’t get to see much dancing. They started late, but I did get to see the big parade. After that, the sun went down, and I wasn’t dressed for after sunset. So I had to go home. But I thought you might like the pictures. Don’t forget you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger.

Jingle dancer

Jingle dancer

Grass dancer

Grass dancer


  1. looks like a lot of fun

  2. Fry Bread? Oh, my – it’s been ages! LOVE that stuff…

  3. Mmmmm… corn on the cob!

  4. Nurse Myra= it was fun, and the weather was great.

    Daisy- yeah, good stuff. I like Navaho Taco’s made with it, too.

    AZ- one of the joys of summer.

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