Posted by: silverstar98121 | September 18, 2008

Crap! What else can happen?

Yesterday it seemed that all the people I follow on Twitter were having a bad day. Bad things were happening all over. It seems to have spread to me.

Now let me say up front that there is no comparison between what was happening to those folks, and what happened today. Mine are minor annoyances at best, and most of them are “bad news, good news” types of things. But all in one day? ARRRRGGHHH!

First thing is getting woken up by the fire alarm testing. Our fire alarms are really loud, and they are accompanied by strobes. They always scare me when they wake me up, even when I know they are just testing the alarms (they announce the tests way ahead of time). The good news is they hit my apartment while I was in the shower, and didn’t bother me. Otherwise I would have had the smoke alarm in my ear, too.

Next, I go to the kitchen to discover I had left the tuna casserole out all night. Fark. Yeah, I’m sure it would lovely and healthy to eat after that. NOT. No good news here. Except that the fruit fly invasion of my kitchen seems to be leaving due to my homemade fruitfly trap. And good riddance to the little buggers.

And while I’m reading my email, I get a courtesy call from the bank. My account is overdrawn. WHAT? I just made a deposit. I look at my account online, and I can’t see why it’s overdrawn, except for the three overdraft fees. Now what? Put some money in the bank to cover the overdraft (which was small, thanks to the deposit.)

So I pack up the library book that’s due, and go off to do errands. First stop, the bank. And after looking at the account, we find that once again, Amazon has messed with me. Instead of taking off the part of the order that I canceled, they refunded other monies they shouldn’t have. Which made my available balance too small when they did get around to taking out the money. Head:Desk I love my bank. I love them because once in a while, when I really have the money, and it’s some stupid thing like this, and I whine about how poor I am, they will refund the overdraft charges. And they did this time.

Amazon, Amazon, Seattle icon that you are, I sometimes want to go to Beacon Hill and have a word with Jeff Bezos. But then, I can get Friday’s medicated shampoo (without which she tends to smell dead and have massive dandruff) cheaper from you than from the vet. Even after shipping charges. If I had enough money, I’d save money by buying a gallon of the stuff. I have to bathe her at least once a week (in the winter) to keep her decent. Cockers are notorious for skin problems. And then, there is the bread slicing guide I could find nowhere else (handy for us home bakers.) And I tried every kitchen shop in Seattle, I think. But not yarn. The shipping charges are too much. For that I can take a bus to Joanne’s about 25 times. Hell, I could buy a couple skeins of fancy yarn at So Much Yarn for that price.

On the way back from the library, what I always fear happened. I am always afraid a pedestrian will step into my path, and I won’t be able to stop before hitting them. I am going slowly due to congestion, and then one of the two teeny-boppers who are messing around in front of me pushes the other one right into my path. I so don’t need this. No apparent harm done, but I wish for the days before girls behaved badly.

After that I needed a drink to settle my nerves, so off I go to Starbucks (and now you know my secret vice. Not alcohol or drugs, not smoking, not gambling, Starbucks.) And what is in front of the door but a whole herd of female teeny-boppers. I mean about 20 of them. Hey girls, why aren’t you in school? The security guard and I finally get their attention, and they move. And I get my vice.

So I decide to do what I intended with my deposit, and go looking for winter shoes. I have a problem. I have small feet. The cheap shoe stores generally don’t carry anything under a size 7. I usually get my shoes at REI or the New Balance store. So I go looking for the New Balance store, and it’s not there. Damn. Shows you how often I buy shoes. So off I go to REI, hoping for a sale. And indeed, they do have a clearance. Of sandals. Oh, heck. Indeed, there is only one type of shoe in the store that meets my criteria (leather). But it is a New Balance shoe. Yeah. It’s not on sale. Boo. It’s almost as cheap as the ones that are on sale. Yeah. Sold.

Meanwhile, during all this time, Friday is making a pest out of herself. She’s getting in the middle, she’s leaning her head against my knees, really being a pest. She only does that when she wants something. But what?

So, downstairs, halfway thru the store, we find out what she wants when she crouches and poops on the floor. Oh, shit. I am so embarrased. So I pick it up with my poop bag, and call a clerk, because there is some residual. And he calls the janitor. It will be a while before I can show my face. Although they were very nice about it. It could have been worse, she could have pooped on the carpet at Nordstroms instead of the concrete at REI. So I pick up a couple more packages of poop bags on the way out. I always buy them there because they are cheaper than the pet store, and as a member, I get a dividend out of everything I spend. Next year it should be enough to buy a package of poop bags.

(Note to Ferragamo donors: Nordy’s intimidates me. I don’t even roll through there on the way to somewhere else, much less shop there. Of course, I also don’t shop at Wal*Mart, for different reasons. Only one of which is that thankfully, they don’t build the stores in downtown areas. And it’s too long a bus ride to go out to the Shuburbs.)

And on my way home, I decide to follow Fifth Ave. in order to avoid some construction on Fourth Ave. Bad decision. I forgot they are paving Fifth Ave. Which means that half the street is stripped down to the bricks, and the other half is 1½ inches higher. Of course, I’m on the uphill side. Damn. But we make it anyway.

Back home, there’s a note on the door. There will be an inspection tomorrow. It looks like we will get our new windows this year after all. This is good news/bad news. Good news is that we might not freeze to death this year with the new windows. Bad news is I will have to move everything away from the window. Good news is there will be help. Bad news is I will have to move everything away from the window. Good news is I will have a three day all expense paid vacation at a local motel. Bad news is I will have to pack up everything Friday and I will need for three days. Well, it’s not until next month. And maybe moving everything will help me find stuff I can’t find now.

And the final blow? My internet connection went down right in the middle, and I lost half this post. Oh well, shit happens.

Bonus thought for the day, courtesy of Starbucks:
So-called “global warming” is just a secret ploy by wacko tree-huggers to make America energy independent, clean our air and water, improve the fuel efficiency of our vehicles, kick-start 21st-century industries, and make our cities safer and more livable. Don’t let them get away with it.
Chip Giller, founder of


  1. can’t you teach Friday how to talk 🙂

    Friday’s trainer taught her dogs to say “Where were you?” when she came home. Unfortunately, whoever had Friday before I did taught her not to bark, and so she rarely “vocalizes.” Next dog, I’ll teach them to talk.

  2. perhaps the cosmic consciousness will be taking a turn for the better – came home to find my internet connection restored. well, not mine, but my neighbors – and that’s good enough!

    here’s to a better tomorrow!

  3. I love your sense of being similar to mine. I say you should have run over the teens. Or I could just take a whack at one with my cane on her behalf…let me know…

  4. Weird day, for sure. Good quote at the end!

  5. Daisy-Things seem to be back to normal. It’s even raining in Seattle.

    Michelle- whack away. I like your blog, too.

    BC- yeah, weird. But it’s over now.

  6. I wish I could find someone who could train Pablo not to meeeeoooooowwwwww so much

  7. if i were you, i’d sleep in the next few days just to be safe…

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