Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 16, 2008

I’m Still Around

Have I mentioned that I hate my keyboard? It’s wireless, and lately it’s been finicky about just how it’s positioned, and sometimes I have to reset the receiver. I’m about ready to go to Office Depot and get a USB extention and fire up one of the wired keyboards I have sitting around here. Yes, I checked the batteries. Another reason to go wired, less expense over time and less batteries to pollute the earth.

It’s been hot in Seattle. Really hot. 90° yesterday, 95° predicted for today. Already over eighty at 2PM. My air conditioner has been running for a couple days now. I don’t realize how good a job it’s doing until I step out into the hallway. So I’ve been pretty much hibernating here, but today I’m having some pain issues. I haven’t figured out why I have pain when it gets hot as well as cold. One or the other would be enough.

I’ve been giving some attention to my other blogs. There is a piece over at The View from the Bottom of the Shaft on how Medicare rules imprison people in their homes. It’s true that the “homebound” rule, and the rule that any assistive device has to be for use in the home, not outside it, imprison people. Why, I myself have defrauded the government when they bought me my walker. This place is so tiny I can’t use my walker

My walker in my kitchen. You see the problem.

My walker in my kitchen. You see the problem.

in my apartment, I mostly need it when I step out the door. I’ve also noticed that I’m staying home and inside much more without Epona than I would otherwise. I have resorted to forcing myself to take the bus somewhere every day just to get out. Some of the places I would love to go, like the zoo, are just not possible without a scooter. Strange how we can always find the money to go shoot people, but never for social programs. Buying every Medicare recipient who needs one to get around the neighborhood would probably cost less than a week in Iraq.

I’ve also put up new pictures on Photofilia. My excursion yesterday was out with the camera to take pictures of the flowers in the neighborhood. You are the beneficiaries.

I’ve also put up a story on the oldest active firehouse in Seattle over at Sound Structures. This firehouse happens to be in my neighborhood, and very active. Some good stuff there about the Great Seattle Fire, too.

Sorry, nothing on Magically Delicious, it’s been too hot to cook. Although, come to think of it, gazpacho sounds good right now. A bus ride to the supermarket for cucumbers? Or Pike Place Market? Decisions, decisions.

Of course, I can’t go to Hempfest either without a scooter. Not that I have any interest in hanging out with 100,000 stoners. It’s just the principle of the thing. Especially when maybe this year the police will decide to bust everyone. No, thats right, they only like easy pickings, like medical marijuana offices. Probably not a good idea to get me going on our drug laws. Although I am probably the only woman my age in the US who never used marijuana, and although I have known people who’s lives could have been ruined by pot, I also know people whose lives have been ruined by alcohol, which is legal. Legalize it, regulate it, tax it. And maybe they won’t be growing it in our National Parks. “Oregano Brownies” anyone? No, I haven’t eaten them either, but they would probably be my drug of choice should I need medical marijuana.


  1. Sorry to hear about the heat and not being able to attend Hempfest to satisfy your principles.

    Medicare is a shell game. My late husband missed eligibility by one month. Most terminally ill people die before the two year waiting period is up. A statistic they count on.

  2. Greetings madam. Glad to see you up and around; sorry you’re not able to be as out and about as you would like.

    It’s been hot here too. Fortunately it only lasts for a few days before it gets back to normal. It’s mid-August already, so we likely don’t have too many more hot days to worry about.

    Be winter before we know it.

    Keep smilin’!

  3. $1B/day. a DAY. that’s a lot of scooters… we got your cool weather last week, and will get the hot stuff soon enough. here’s to better breezes…

  4. Annie, I agree. As with SSDI, they hope you give up or die before you are eligible.

    Rob, it’s supposed to rain here all next week. I’m afraid I’ll be exiled from Seattle if I say I’m looking forward to it.

    Daisy Fae, 1B a day? According to my precise calculations, at an average of $2500/scooter they could buy 40,000 a day. Since they are buying less than 20,000 a year…Hell, they could buy us all one of those iBOT wheelchairs that climb stairs. A good use for technology.

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