Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 3, 2016

Just Want Privacy

So there’s a bathroom initiative going around Washington State this election season, modeled on the bill from North Carolina. There’s a lot of other initiatives, too, I must have signed ten of them today. This initiative is from a group calling themselves Just Want Privacy.

My question to this group is if we would put through this initiative that’s already questionable in its constitutionality, how would we enforce it? Are we going to station monitors in each public restroom to check for the absence or presence of a penis before we can pee? What about the people who have had sex reassignment surgery? Will they needed special DNA cards so we can be sure they use the restroom of the gender assigned to them at birth? And what about those born with ambiguous genitalia? Will we needed to do extensive testing on all babies to be sure they are assigned the “correct” gender?  What about folks with Klinefelter’s Syndrome, who are XXY? Where do they pee?

For a bunch of folks that Just Want Privacy, they sure seem to be willing to invade everyone else’s in order to enforce their outdated, prudish, Victorian notions of propriety. As the transgender folks say, they just want to pee in peace. So do I.

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