Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 25, 2015

The Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice Miracle

wp-1451059382055.jpgThis one is brought to you by Starbucks and their increasingly inconsistent phone app. Early in the season, I went to put more money on my card via the app on my phone. Used my usual card. Declined! This was ridiculous. I had the money! Try another card. Declined! I had enough money in that account, too. Strangely, the transaction displayed in both accounts as pending. I went on my way, and thought nothing more of it, but didn’t reload my card at the shop because I feared that one or more of the transactions would go through, and then I would be having lunch at Starbucks all month.

So it comes to the end of the month, and money is short. I go to account #1, expecting to have about $1.75 in the account. However, there is much more money in there. Took me a while to figure it out. The bank deducted the amount from my account while it was “pending”. Nothing happened, so they refunded it to me. Same thing happened with the second card. Wow, I could do laundry and everything! I could actually go to Starbucks! This is my miracle, and I would like to thank Starbucks for screwing it up. It was nice to have money at the end of the month.

Another miracle: My wheelchair has been falling apart. I spent $2200 in July to put two new motors on it. Then the footrest fell off. And they kept telling me I needed new tires. Cost: another $2200. Not happening. I could actually buy a new chair for that much money. So I’ve been limping along with this chair, and then one of the new motors went out. Fortunately, that was under warranty.

I had been evaluated in September to see if I qualified for a Medicare chair. (For information on the vagaries of qualifying for a chair from Medicare, read this)  Don’t know how that turned out yet, we are dealing with the government here. However, the PT put in a request for the company I work with to see about a new chair. Eventually, that request landed on the desk of someone in charge of that sort of thing. I got a call to say that they were sending me a waiver to sign in case insurance didn’t pay. And a quote for an enormous amount of money. I had an apopleptic fit. No, I wasn’t going to sign this! But then it was explained to me that I could return the chair if insurance didn’t pay. And I have that in writing. It seems my insurance doesn’t pre- qualify anyone, they make a determination after you have been provided the service. Then suddenly on Monday I get a call that my chair is in! I go out and get it. And it’s beautiful! I’m in love! So I hope the insurance pays. (For as much as I pay them, they ought to.) So this chair may only be temporary. If I’m turned down, and I don’t have enough to pay for the chair, they said I could make payments for a year, which would take half my monthly income. Also not happening. If I don’t qualify, the chair will go back, and I will be shopping the internet for a probably used chair of the same model, for about a quarter of what they want for this one.

One of the problems with the Medicare system is they pay list price for durable medical equipment, just like they do for drugs. This is crazy. I can go on the internet and buy a new chair, same model, for $2000 less than the quote. If they at least asked for the same discount that I’m sure private insurance would ask for, they could buy more chairs for people for the same money. And then they whine about what a big portion of the federal budget Medicare is! (Hint: it’s not nearly as big as our bloated defense budget, and yes, I know some of you would be out of work without that bloated defense budget.) So that’s a picture of my new baby up there. At least temporarily.


  1. Was wondering how the chair arrived! Fingers, toes and any other crossable parts are crossed hoping that this is covered…

    I encountered some of the medicare insanity while working with my parents medical problems… they would pay to rent a wheelchair, but not buy one for Mom. the rent they would pay? MORE than enough to buy a basic transport chair in about three months. i was lucky enough to be able to just buy her one… one that i’m now using to help get Studley around when needed… and one that i’ve loaned out on several occasions to those in temporary need.

    there is no logic in our health care system, but i’m hoping like hell they come through for you with this chair!

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