Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 3, 2013

Trains and Remants

So Lacey and I went to Bellingham on the train today. It’s a very long day, leaving at 7 am, and getting home after 11 pm. I love Amtrak on this route, there is some very pretty scenery. Lacey and I took this trip so frequently this summer while The Boyo was in hospice care near his family that the conductors know our names, and that Lacey jumps on the train. They tell me what a good dog she is, so quiet. She has them fooled, they aren’t with me when she barks at the newspaper delivery person at 4 am. I’m sure my neighbors love me, with her barking and me yelling at her to shut up. Territorial she is. A big contrast to Friday, whose times barking could be numbered on one hand.

The purpose of today’s visit was to clean out The Boyo’s storage locker. Detritus and treasure. Let’s just say he was a collector, although some of the collecting passed the line into hoardings. When he moved from the Aloha Inn to hospice, they left behind 4 banana boxes of canned and boxed food. The Aloha leaves food out for the residents 24 hours a day. We found another boxful in the locker that they’d missed on the first sweep. His nephews will eat at his expense for a while.

The weather was abominable as it can be in November in western Washington, with torrential rain and high winds. Of course, his  storage unit faced outside. The boys got soaked. They put me facing out in his mom’s wheelchair accessible van, to say yes or may to each treasure unearthed. I didn’t get wet, but my feet are still cold. I’m glad to be home and dry.

Among the treasures found was a tiny teddy bear done up like a Pharaoh, souvenir of the King Tut exhibit we had visited earlier this year. I’m sure it was meant as a birthday present for me, he knew I collected teddy bears. So I got it a few days early.

I was going to put some pictures on here, but blogging on my tablet is cramping my style, and so is this app. I can only take pitches out of the gallery, or take a new picture. I took the pictures on my phone, which I can’t figure of how to upload to this gallery, maybe because I’m tired. The camera on this thing is meant for Skype and such as that. Enough for now, it’s time for bed.


  1. His nephews sound like good men, and i’m very glad you were included in this process!

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