Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 15, 2010

Dog Park Antics

So Lacey, the speshul snowflake dog, apparently has never learned to pee while on a leash. This is a problem, I live in the city. I took her out a bunch of times the first day, and she did nothing. I took her to grass, I took her to gravel, I took her everywhere. Fortunately there is an off-leash dog park about four blocks away, and she did her business there. And only there, even after the longest runs.

Lacey at the dog park

She also likes the dog park because she gets to play there. She won’t play in the house, and has let me know she is not a retriever. This may be a problem later. We will see. Corgis are herding dogs, and she loves nothing more than to chase big dogs around the dog park. It’s funny to watch her go flat out after a big lab or pitbull.

So she was running around the other afternoon with a bunch of dogs, playing like crazy. The next thing I know, one of the dogs jumps up on the back of my wheelchair, where I had inadvertently left my knitting bag. Ruh-roh.

Yep, she had leaped up there and grabbed my ball of yarn, which she promptly strung all over the dog park. Her owner had to go after her, and pick up all the yarn. Luckily, it was not a project I has worked on for a long time, and I didn’t even really like the color of the yarn. She didn’t get my needles, either.  Her owner gave me replacement cost for the yarn, which fortunately for her, was not Wollmiese or Malabrigo Rasta, but ordinary dishcloth cotton. Oh, and the dog’s name is Luna, and she’s a Luna-tic.

Wet dogs, wading pool in the background.

It’s scorching hot today, close to 90° F, and the dog park had all the wading pools out and filled with water. The dogs run around, and then plunk down in the pools when they get hot. There were a lot of wet dogs there today, but not my snowflake. She thinks the wading pools are big water dishes. Um, yuck? Whatever.

Lacey has really nice manners, doesn’t get into things, doesn’t beg, just really a nice dog. She has also made it plain she is MY dog. She tolerates The Boyo, but knows which side her bread is buttered on. So far I’ve been able to keep him from starting her on begging and people food. I hope that continues. As you can see, I put Friday’s vest on her, and she behaves well enough to take anywhere. But she has no command of commands. Except sit. She knows that one. And she’s getting pretty good at heeling to the wheelchair. But then, we do a couple of miles every day. We have conquered the dreaded elevator, and tolerate the bus lift. Now if I could just get her to pick up my keys. She is very shy, and shies away from some people/things, and I wonder if she was teased/tormented in the yard. She’s getting better, though. She will be harder to train in some ways than Friday was, but she’s still the right dog for me.


  1. i had a flash of Luna’s owner, going home to blog about how mortified she was that her dog had swiped yarn from the back of a motorized scooter! Glad things with Lacey are working out – or at least you’re off to a good start! i wish the dog park here had wading pools – when it’s hot? Mr. P is stuck on the sofa… he overheats easily, and that’s a little scary…

  2. It’s fun to watch the big dogs go hell bent for leather, and then plop down in a wading pool. We just have plastic kiddie pools, so perhaps you could invest in one of them, and donate it to the dog park.

  3. What a great description of your new pal! Try and get us some video, would ya? I’d love to see her, and the other dogs, in action.

    • I do have some video, but I’m questioning how much of my limited hard drive space I want to give up to it. The camera has a hard drive, so I can just plug it in and watch. Or I could become one of those disgusting mommy bloggers, and record her every excrescence. Speaking of which, I got her to pee on the leash tonight! On command! Next up, pooping on command.

  4. Sounds like she’s already doing her “job”, getting you out and about and keeping you busy.

    It would have been funny (I think) to see the yarn antics at the dog park (even though it was a bit on the property destruction side).

    Glad to hear that she seems to be working out for you!

  5. Love this – sounds like you two are settling in together just fine. 🙂

  6. I once had a dog that absolutely would not pee on a leash or anywhere other than her favorite spot in the yard behind the house. It was horrible when we moved to a new house, she didn’t pee for three or four days. You wouldn’t think people would get so excited about a dog peeing, but when she finally did we were ecstatic.

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