Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 24, 2010

It’s Not Sally

Bad news from the Seattle Animal Shelter. Sally is just too barky and anxiety ridden to be a good apartment/service dog. So the search goes on. Now I’m looking at Cocker Spaniels again. Unlike last time I was looking, there are a whole slew of Cockers looking for new homes, probably due to the economy.

So sorry, Sally


  1. Que sera, sera for Sally. [How do you really spell that?] [And did you hear Doris Day when you read it?]
    I hope you can find a perfect little cocker to fill the hole left by Friday. I have 3 more dogs and they still haven’t quite replaced Sebastian. I love this current set but they are missing something essential Sebastian had. Some sort of willingness that has bypassed my other creatures.

    I hope you can be patient, trust the universe and find the perfect little dog.

  2. Sally looks like she would have definitely been a handful (and more than a lapful). Ah well…

    Good luck with the cocker search.

  3. the right pup will find you…

  4. That Sally is a cutie, but the terrier mix in her would spell trouble. I hope your eventual dog has an equally charming name…

  5. yep, and when you find the right one, it will be magic. (and a happy 4th to you, dear lady)

  6. Pity, she’s a cutie. But you’ll find a good ‘un!

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