Posted by: silverstar98121 | May 6, 2010

With a Little Help from my Friends

So, yes, GnuKid, things are better here. Friday hasn’t had a “spell” for about a week. I was able to get some flea stuff with a generous donation, and we are both about over our flea-bite-us. Other than being totally unmotivated to do anything but sit and knit, things are good. So far. I have to get up and do something, though, as my back is hurting from sitting too much. And the dish fairy and cleaning fairies haven’t been here for a while.

The weather has been crap, but it could be worse. Floods, like in Nashville,  are not fun, and I hear some folks are in for snow. I just want to put my winter coat away.

Preemie blanket in progressSo, what am I knitting? Right now I’m knitting a preemie blanket. Unfortunately, I’m using skinny yarn and tiny needles, and I think I could do a regular baby blanket faster. And I don’t think the one skein I have of this color is going to be enough. Oh, no, the torture of a trip to the LYS (local yarn store.) Torture because I can’t afford to buy all the lovely yarn. I finished a couple of other preemie hats, too. At some point I will have to make The Boyo a new hat since he lost the one I made him. But he was remorseful and brought me chocolate, so I forgave him. His birthday is in October, so I have time. Hopefully, we can quit wearing our woollies sometime soon.

As the weather warms, (yeah, right, it was warmer in January) an old woman’s thoughts turn to geocaching. But so far, that’s all I’ve done about it. Must get organized, get my list for this year ready. Queen Anne hill, get ready, I’m coming for you. At least this year I will know where to get off the bus to get to that one park, and won’t be deceived by the bus directions.

Other than that, nothing’s happening. Really. Except I think I will go grocery shopping now. After I get something to eat so I won’t buy the whole store.


  1. I smiled when I saw on my reader that you had posted. I smiled again when I saw your knitting. Somehow I just enjoy the thought of you snuggled up knitting away.

  2. i hated flea season before the advent of the anti-flea pills. glad you’ve beaten that down – i remember the seemingly endless battle and don’t miss it in the least!

    you took our ‘warm’. can we have at least a little of it back? frost here last night! argh!

    • This too shall pass. I suspect you will soon be back to battling heat and humidity. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying it. Our “Spring” has been chilly so far. And BTW, Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. Uh oh. I think I was on the “Boyo should wear the hat rather than keep it as a museum piece” bandwagon. Sorry he lost it. Maybe the next one should have a chin strap?

    Glad to hear that Friday is doing okay and that the flea thing is behind you. Fleas continue to be relatively unknown in our neck of the woods. (Our sojourn in Kansas in the early ’90’s was an eye opener in many regards, the flea thing being one of many.)

    I think spring is really coming. Some time. Our last snow fall has pretty much all melted. I refused to shovel that one.

    Of course, it occurred to me this morning – early, and light out – that solstice is almost upon us. Where has the time gone?

  4. So glad that Friday is better, and that you are knitting. It is always good to be engaged in something creative.

    It has been unseasonably cool here in the Ozarks too, today we actually built a fire in the heating stove — in May!

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