Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 3, 2010

A Bad Week

It’s been a bad week for Friday and I. It started Monday. Friday started pacing and panting about 4 PM Monday evening, and continued until early AM Tuesday. My Google-fu told me this was a case for the vet, so as so0n as the vet’s office opened Tuesday, I called for an emergency appointment. We went in about 9AM. She was still having some respiratory distress, then.

The vet took X-rays and thought she had a tumor in her trachea that was causing her distress. So we went home to wait for the radiologist report. She was still very clingy and obviously not feeling good. We didn’t get the report until Thursday, by which time she seemed better.  The radiologist didn’t think it was a tumor, that’s the good news. The bad news is we don’t know what was causing the problem. Meanwhile, she is home, on some Benadryl since the vet thinks some of her breathing problem could be allergies. And some antibiotics for the halibut, I guess. Although her ears are yucky and she could probably use them.

Meanwhile, I got nothing done all week. Sort of hard to do anything with a 30 lb. dog on your lap. Can’t even knit. I hope to get back to knitting as she seems much better today, willing to go with me. Except I had to carry her to the vet’s office when I went to try to pay the bill. Unfortunately, the website lied to me about what time they closed. So I will go Monday.

Friday turned 13 on March 1st, so the time is coming for the inevitable of her crossing the rainbow bridge. Meanwhile, I have bought another months worth of doggie supplies, and we’ll hope for the best.


  1. ouch… glad she’s better, and will keep my fingers crossed that it’s just spring allergies. one of my last dogs (Slightly) had a good sized benign tumor removed from her neck at 11 years old. we thought she was a goner – but she kept us entertained for another 4 years…

    hope next week is better for both of you!

    • So far, so good. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  2. Sorry to hear that about Friday, Silverstar. Our Bugsy was 13 or so and had similar symptoms (pacing, breathing, distress). Turns out he had congestive heart failure, which ultimately took him.

    Hope that Friday’s issues are more minor and that she bounces back. Give her a hug from us.

    Take care.

    • Oh, and a (((hug))) for you too!

      • I never turn down hugs. Thanks.

  3. Hope it resolves easily, and that the rest of Spring goes smoothly.

  4. I am glad to hear that she seems better. I wanted to call, but woke up yesterday with the return of/onset of a cold/sinus infection – even skipped church today (along with the chance to join in the Hallelujah Chorus) so as not to spread ickiness to several hundred folks.

    • Sorry to hear you are under the weather, and kudos for not spreading the creeping crud just because it was Easter.

  5. Sorry to hear about Friday, hope it’s a temporary illness *hugs*

  6. I’m sorry to hear this as well. It is so hard to have your aging companions aging; I just went through this with Smokey. Every time I bought cat food and kitty litter I felt like I was making a vote of confidence. Ultimately, I wound up with about four days of food and half a box of litter, which I donated to an elderly lady friend of mine who has a cat.

    Blessed be, and a big witchy hug for you.

  7. Oh Eileen..I am so sorry to hear about Friday. You just wish that they could speak up and tell you exactly what’s going on…but they always seem to find comfort on a lap. Anyone who has had senior pets knows how hard it is…I hope this can be resolved and she will feel better…. a hug to you and Friday….Michelle

  8. Poor Friday! As you know, I recently went through something similar with Azar (who is 15 today!) and the vet never did find out the cause of his mystery illness. He’s now running around like a kitten and a month ago I was sure he was at death’s door.

    As Friday seems to be on the mend let’s hope it was just an “old age thing” and that she’ll be fine for a good while now. So scary when stuff like this happens.

  9. Awww, you’ve been holding Friday for a week? What a great pet owner.

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