Posted by: silverstar98121 | March 17, 2010

Mad Hatter

Isn’t there something about March that’s supposed to be crazy? March Madness, March Hares, and all that? Well, I’ve March Madnessbeen making hats madly. You’ve seen one  of them already here, but I thought I’d show off  two other baby hats I made, and the hat I made for The Boyo. Also for your edification, I’ve included the dishcloth I made to learn to do cables, and the giant fishhook thingy for doing cables.

I don’t know if you can see it in the picture, but the little blue hat has eyelets, and the red hat has seed stitch hearts. Oh, yes, I waded right into the difficult stuff. On the other hand, cables look so complex I was afraid of them. Until two people told me if I could do little hats like that I would have no trouble with cables. So, out came the dishcloth cotton, and indeed I found them easy. I’m thinking of all the things I can put cables on now.

I had promised The Boyo a hat with a brim for X-mess, and had been putting it off. The first pattern I had was a monster, and I couldn’t get the gauge right, so I abandoned it and found another pattern, this one with cables. It actually took me less time to make The Boyo’s hat than it took for either one of the baby hats displayed here. I’m not overly fond of the hat, I think it stands too tall, and has too much ribbing for my taste. I tried it on, just to see what it looked like. Don’t like it, it’s too big for my taste. But I have to remember I am a pinhead (a childs large bicycle helmet fits me best), so it might actually be the right proportions for a normal human being. I like the design, and might make another one, with less ribbing and cables, though. Despite what the pattern says, one size does not fit all.

One of the things that chaps my hide, however, is patterns that are borked. That is, the contain errata. Or fail to tell you crucial information. Such as that as well as a circular needle (which looks like two short knitting needles with a wire or cable between them), you also need a set of double-pointed needles to  finish the crown of the hat. I had, fortunately, read through enough patterns to figure that out, but I feel for any newbie who tackles a pattern like that with incomplete information. Since I’m only using patterns I can get for free, I guess maybe I get what I pay for.

And now, back to knitting something simple, like baby blankets. The preemie project continues until the end of March.


  1. oh i love the little red beanie. What have you put them on – a potato? a piece of fruit?

    • They tell us to make preemie hats the size of oranges, so the hats are indeed sitting on oranges.

  2. the cable work is pretty amazing… i spent some time doing crochet to pass the time while i was knocked up, but never got to anythin fancy. knitting always intimidated me. you’re getting good at this!

  3. I’m waiting for your knitting “How To” video. Then I’ll try it.
    Those little hats are adorable.

    • Lots of good “how to” videos on the intertubes. I’d do it, but a) I do everything bass ackward b) I totally hate editing video.

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