Posted by: silverstar98121 | February 15, 2010

The Ravelympics, First FO

The Ravelympics got off to a rough start here at Chez Silverstar. I didn’t realize we could train (make swatches) before the first cast-on, and thus was caught with my yarns down. First problem: yarn barf. Yarn barf is

Yarn barf

what you have when you have yarn that is all tangled up. I spent the first hour of the Ravelympics undoing a minor yarn barf. I call it minor due to subsequent events.

I should have started on The Boyo’s X-mess hat, which I hadn’t cast on,  before this. A lot of the patterns I’m using for the Ravelympics call for double-pointed needles, and so does the hat project. And it’s big yarn with big needles. But no, I decided to cast on with small double-points for a preemie cap. Big mistake. So I went back and worked some on The Boyo’s hat. But it’s a PIA because you start out with short rows, something else I’ve never done. Quickly abandoning this sidetrack, I picked out my second yarn

Finished Object #1

to cast on for a preemie cap. They are only supposed to take about half an hour to knit, so I figured I could knock one out in a couple of hours. (I is a slow knitter at this point. Must learn to pick and not throw. It will be faster.) I thought it was a center-pull skein. Either it wasn’t, or it was really messed up. I ended up with a major yarn barf which took three hours and a pair of scissors to fix. Disgusted, I didn’t touch the needles on Saturday.

Sunday night, after The Boyo and I had gone out for Chinese food to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year (big in these parts), I cast on again with a larger yarn and larger needles for a preemie cap, while we watched movies and TV shows. And I actually finished. I have my first Finished Object for the Ravelympics. And I’ve learned to use double pointed needles. I’m jumping up and down. (Well, not really, but I am happy about it.) It’s not perfect, but I don’t suppose the baby will care. And taking a page from Bill Gates’ notebook, I’ve decided to call the flaws features, and not bugs.

So I have the second cap on the needles at the moment, and will be

On the needles

working on it while I whittle down my Hulu queue. I might have another FO to post to the Finish Line: Charity Curling thread soon.


  1. You have far more patience than me…

    • Either that or I’m easily entertained. Whatever.

  2. “yarn barf”. love that term – that may be why i stopped crocheting after sprog #2 was born… but i love the premie cap on the orange. needs a face…

    • Thought about putting a face on it, but couldn’t find the Sharpie.

  3. […] and all that? Well, I’ve been making hats madly. You’ve seen one  of them already here, but I thought I’d show off  two other baby hats I made, and the hat I made for The Boyo. […]

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