Posted by: silverstar98121 | February 12, 2010

The Ravelympics

The Ravelympics start tonight at the same time as the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics. So, what are the Ravelympics? They are a knitting competition sponsored by Ravelry, the premier knitting website. I will be competing on Team Tweasel in the Charity Knitting section. I will be knitting baby outfits for preemies for one of the local charities that works out of Children’s Hospital here in Seattle. I can hardly wait to cast on. The baby-knitting rabies, I haz them.

Knitting in the sunshine

I’ve been knitting a lot lately, I even knit in OMG, public. Here I am sitting in the sunshine last Friday in Bellingham, knitting away. Later I looked at the picture, and slapped my forehead. I could have been geocaching. Soon, very soon, I will be back geocaching. I’m thinking Queen Anne hill to start this year.

A lot of what I’ve been knitting lately is Valentine dishcloths. I knitted a ton of them, and still need to  knit several before the big day. That may go by the board though, with the Ravelympics coming up. Maybe I should have added a second event, Dishcloth Derby or something. I could call it a work-in-progress and finish it out, but didn’t register for the WIP event.

Valentine DishclothsYou can click the picture to enbiggen them and see the hearts knit into them

I still haven’t started the hat I promised The Boyo for Solstice, mostly because it requires double-pointed needles, and I’m afraid of them. No, they don’t look like a pitchfork, they look like a bigger version of round toothpicks. Maybe I will work on that, too. Some of the baby hat patterns I’ve picked out need DPNs, too, and it might be easier to try something big to begin with.

I was also fortunate to be the receiver of a Random Act of Kindness from a couple of my compatriots at Lazy, Stupid and Godless, the Ravelry forum I post to most often. The have a RAK forum where you can post wish lists. I wished for baby yarn, and my wish was granted, in spades. So I have no excuse.  Picture of part of the treasure trove is in my header.

I have decided that the WordPress app on the Android does lousy formatting, or maybe I do. And the pictures are huge. Good for posting drive-by postings, but not necessarily regular postings.  But you may see more drive-by postings nowadays when I can grab a picture with my camera phone and blog it. I see interesting stuff. Sometimes I want to write more about it than Twitter allows. Of course, today when I tried to post to Photophilia, it wouldn’t coöperate. But I may still be able to later, when the phone is charged up.

Catch you on the flip-flop, as the truckers used to say.


  1. I love the idea of you cozying up the little ones at the hospital with your sweet knittings. Thanks for being one of the good people who help.

  2. Go for the Gold at the Ravelympics Silverstar!


  3. Yay Team Tweasel!

    Does Android have a Twitpic app? That’s what I use to upload pics to Twitter and I am very happy with it. Have never written a WP post with the iPhone. Maybe I should try it just to see if it works!

    • My Android Twitter app has Twitpic on it, and a video uploading program, too. You can get the official iphone WordPress app at the app store. And it’s free. If you know somebody with a Blackberry, Automattic came out with a Blackberry app the same time they came out with the Android app.

      • I just found out iPhone has a Photoshop app – and it’s free! w00t!

      • There’s one for Android, too. I just haven’t decided if I need it yet.

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