Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 28, 2009

The Aftermath

Well, it was a nice holiday season for me. We had a Solstice ceremony last Monday, after a festive dinner. I even took in a “stray”, a gal I knew who had just separated from her partner and had that day given up her dog because she couldn’t afford him on her own. She fit right in with the rest of the misfits in my circle, and being an Indian, added a nice Native American flavor to the ritual.

Mine, all mine.

The Boyo gave me a laptop he scavenged somewhere for Yule. Like many things he scavenges, it’s missing a couple of things. In this case, a hard drive and power supply. Those should be available from the local computer recycler, though. It also lacks an operating system, so I think it’s going to be running Ubuntu. Not only is it free, what kind of geek would I be if I didn’t walk on the Linux side once in a while?

The Boyo plays Santa

After that he was off to Bellingham for four days of playing Santa with his family. With him not having a vehicle this year, I really couldn’t go to a place where they shut down public transit on Xmess. I much preferred the peace and quiet with books and knitting, anyway. Solstice has passed now, though, and soon it will be geocaching weather again.

The only bad thing was that he took my security key card with him, so I had difficulty getting in and out of the building. I ended up hiring my “stray” to walk Friday, and had jammie days while he was gone. And today, when I took her out, I wished I had spent my time making my wheelchair chaps while he was gone. My feet and legs got cold. Must do that soon. Before or after baking? Hmmm…

My pre-lit X-Mess tree has been a disappointment, however, since only the lights in the middle are working now. Another piece of crap made in China. *sigh* Maybe it only needs fuses or something. Not gonna mess with it now, however.

I made pumpkin bread and banana bread to send north with The Boyo, and got back cookies and more banana bread. *sigh* I think I might have to bake again. My body is craving X-Mess cookies. They didn’t send nearly enough.  On the plus side, my Amaryllis grew a foot in the last week, and should bloom soon.  I’m looking forward to that! And neither my poinsettia nor my Norfolk Island pine has died. I heartily recommend Aqua Globes. They are excellent if you are lazy, like me. Or just too distracted/busy to water plants. Using them finally even got my African Violet that never blooms to bloom. Yeah!

Well, I’m off to see what kind of trouble I can get into. Or go to bed. Later, folks.

Oh, and WordPress, next time you close support for the holidays, can you at least leave the FAQ’s up? kthxbai


  1. thanks for the update! there just might be more (frozen) cookies in your future – i’ve got to “un-slug” myself and start doing things again. the darkness seems to sap my will to do anything other than sleep and eat. face it. we may be humans, but we are wired to hibernate…

    • Going to go hibernate now. Will dream of sugarplums (frozen) dancing in my head.

  2. What a great gift for a geeky gal – a do-it-yourself laptop! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun setting it up.

    It always cracks me up seeing the Boyo in his Santa gear.

  3. Ubuntu is a good choice for an older laptop, has every driver in the universe available from what I’ve read. Don’t have it installed anywhere.
    You’ll need to join your local linux group. We’ve got a good one here, you’ve probably got a great one in Seattle. I don’t go to the meetings anymore but the list serve is very good.
    Happy New Year, Eileen! Hope this coming year is an improvement for all of us!

  4. Solstice has passed now, though, and soon it will be geocaching weather again.

    Promise? I’m looking forward to more sunlight and slightly warmer temps. Where we’re at, I figure once we get through January, we’ve got it made. All downhill to spring from there.

    Sounds like you’ve done the season and let the season do you. (to paraphrase Stephen King)

  5. Happy New Year silverstar

  6. Great update. and a belated happy Solstice to you, Silverstar…and a happy new year full of hope and opportunity for you.

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