Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 11, 2009

Life Goes On

  • The Boyo and I had a nice Thanksgiving. I cooked turkey drumsticks I found hiding in my freezer, with all the trimmings. Only bad thing was I went to get the trimmings the day before, and had to go to two stores to find pumpkin. And I forgot to look at the weather rock before we left, so didn’t take a lap cover or put Friday’s coat on. We were both totally soaked when we got home.
  • The microwave has been replaced, thanks to a generous birthday

    OOOOH! Shiny!

    gift. And I was able to play the “cripple” card and get it delivered. Unfortunately, I had a “measuring by eye” fail, and it was too big for the place it used to live. But it has a new place now.

  • My sister turned loose of some interest on the money she is safeguarding for me, and The Vet Bill From Hell is almost paid. New batteries have also been procured for Ms. Scarlette, because the ones I had wouldn’t last to January, much less February, when I could have replaced them without help.
  • I’m having inspection next week, and unfortunately, I’ve fallen off the Flylady bandwagon. So I’ve got a lot to do in the next week. Well, after I clean, I can sit and knit. There’s a reason I signed back up for Netflix.
  • It’s hella cold here right now. It’s been below freezing every night for a week now. Fortunately, there hasn’t been  any moisture, so  we didn’t get snow. They did get some on the Olympic Peninsula, but not around here.  I don’t think Ms. Scarlette will go in the snow any better than Epona did.  That is supposed to change, and the weather report calls for light snow tomorrow.  The city is putting out the big guns, which they damned well should after Snowmaggedon last year.
  • My rent is going down. This is good because my bus pass is doubling the first of the year. And I still haven’t figured out what to do with my Medicare. I can’t afford a $113 increase, but I also can’t find any other plan that lets me keep my doctor. So far. Still looking. Can we just have universal healthcare already?
  • The Halls are Decked.

    We decorated my apartment for Giftmas on  Tuesday, complete with eggnog and cookies. The Boyo, and my Best Gal Pal came over, and we got’er done. The giftmas tree is new this year, and I got to put my antique ornaments from my grandmother on it. That yellow stuff in the window behind the tree is sun, or so I’m told.  I’m not used to seeing it in December.


  1. “Life goes on”. An apt title. Glad to hear that things are sorting themselves out. Life has a way of doing that sometimes.

    It would seem we are all in the grips of a deep freeze at the moment. It’s supposed to be -30 C this weekend on Sunday, and that’s the high. On the plus side, by the following weekend we are supposed to be having temps near freezing.

    Now that I’ve bought a snowblower (after all these years) I’m looking for a little more of the white stuff so it can seem like a good investment!

  2. thanks for an update! winter certainly blows, doesn’t it? i guess it helps us appreciate the temporary nature of sunshine, but still… freezing my own giblets off here in the breadbasket.

    i have taken to wearing a knit hat most of the time – the baglady look suits me, and reduces the need for coloring touch ups on the ol’ hair as an added bonus!

  3. Great to hear things are going better. Your place is looking very festive and that’s a very nice & shiny new microwave. Lucky you!

  4. You’ll love Netflix, I watched a great documentary on there last night, “Grey Gardens” about a mentally ill mother-daughter pair (recluses in the Hamptons). Gave me chills.

  5. I watched Grey Gardens last month too – it’s fascinating!

  6. use your knitting to bundle up against the cold. the microwave looks very shiny new. nice!

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