Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 23, 2009

It’s Not All Bad

  • One of the things the vet did that helped incur The Vet Bill From Hell was put Friday on some Rimadyl, a NSAID for dogs. Consequently, she seems to be having less pain, and to even be a bit more playful. I hope I can afford to keep her on it. (Actually, it looks like it will run about $20/mo if I get it from 1-800-Pet Meds.)
  • Canned dog food is good for getting the pills down now that the peanut butter trick doesn’t work anymore with Friday.
  • Unexpected checks in the mail. I got one a while back that came out of the blue, some money from my dad’s estate. Much appreciated. I just wish everything would have broken down before it came. I got another check the other day that was appreciated, too. I expected to get a refund from this place, but thought it would be in the form of a gift card. Was glad to get it in the more fungible form of a check.
  • Knitting buddies. I have lots of knitting buddies now. I go and knit with the Downtown Seattle Knitters every Sunday. Besides the irregular meeting of Sit & Knit.  And the Chronic Bitches and LSG on Ravelry. I have lots of knitting buddies. I wish geocaching buddies were as easy to find.
  • It’s not raining and the wind isn’t blowing right now.
  • The chili was good, especially after it sat for a couple of days. And cornbread.
  • Homemade macaroni and cheese. That is all.
  • They are going to come Tuesday and fix my bedroom window, which I haven’t been able to open for months.  Wish they would have fixed it when it was hot, and I needed to open the window, but it will be ready for next summer, at least.
  • Got a birthday card from The Boyo’s mom. There may be more in the mail tomorrow. Or not. I’m not very good at sending even e-cards these days. *sigh* Although my brother did write a birthday message on my wall in Facebook.
  • If I want birthday cake, I have to make it myself. Oh, wait…


  1. I love homemade macaroni and cheese

  2. My comfort food dish yesterday was mushroom risotto, but mac & cheese also sounds wonderful.


  3. count those blessings, sister, and have a happy birthday! the knitting buddies sound like a great group… and glad that Friday found her frisk!

  4. Happy Birthday Eileen!
    Macaroni and Cheese is better than cake any day in my book. Mmmmm.

  5. oh, yes…chili given a few days to mix with itself and decide just how spicy it will be? YumM!! One of my favorites.

    And a Happy Birthday, dear lady.

  6. Glad to hear you received unexpected good news in the mail. All I got was notice of an unexpected extra vacation expense. In the form of a photo speeding ticket courtesy of the “fine” folks of Hinton, Alberta.

    No matter how good it is, since my university days, I will not eat mac and cheese.

    Again, a belated happy birthday to you.

  7. Are you wishing for snow? hohoho.. I have to laugh.. Eileen.. !
    Nice work here! Love the snow flakes!
    So, what are you getting from Santa? I’m still trying to root an escargot begonia for you!

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