Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 20, 2009

What’s New?

  • Western Washington is have drenching rain and high winds. It doesn’t affect Seattle much, but people are losing power all over the place from trees blowing down. No geocaching until Spring.
  • We are once again battling ear infections in Friday. And once again have the Vet Bill From Hell! That $600-900 a year for vet insurance isn’t sounding so bad now. Except that I think she’s so old none of them will cover her now. And from the comments I’ve read, pet insurance is just as good as human insurance at discovering ways to make sure they don’t pay out.
  • The microwave broke. Unless I get one for my birthday next week, it will be March before I can afford one. But I discovered this primitive appliance called a stove. There’s one in my apartment.
  • The batteries are dying on the wheelchair. So far, they are only giving me warning lights. Pray they hold out ’til February, when the vet bill will be paid off.
  • One of my knitting buddies has promised me all her acrylic yarn. I’m going to have a Stash Enhancement eXperience!
  • My house is messy and dirty, and I haven’t slept in ages. Oh, wait, that’s not new.
  • I have a new therapist. I like her. Not enough to knit for her, but I like her. She may be knitting fodder next giftmas.
  • After going down last year, my Medicare is going up this year. By $113/mo. And we are not getting a cost of living raise on Social Security. I will have to change to a different plan that doesn’t cost as much. And I will cry. My present plan is well rated, the others, not so much. Single payer  healthcare can’t come soon enough.
  • I made the first chili of the season last night. The new chili powder I bought is pretty potent. Remind me to lower the dose next time.

OK, I’m gonna go crawl in my Snuggie and read a book now, they’re due at the library soon. I can’t wait until I can knit and read at the same time.


  1. Dude, turn on your SAD light. Sounds like you need it. Also, CHILI!! What a great idea! Chili always cheers me up, at least until later.

    Side (or top?) note: The leaves on the top of your blog are really nice. I suppose that is your picture, yes? Such rich color.

    We had a cocker spaniel with horrible ears, we finally got the insides more or less removed on the bad one, then the good one got worse and had to operate on that. $$$$$. Always a losing battle. We did everything. We gave up when he went blind, too. I still miss him. He was the best kitchen dancer ever. One step behind me, anticipating every move. He was a marvel, even mostly blind.
    I hope you can get Friday’s ears cleaned up. Pin them up on his head and dry them out a little. It works but they seem to hate it so they don’t stay up long.
    This probably wasn’t very helpful, was it?

    • This is my fifth Cocker, and not the worst one for ears by a long shot. We did the ream them out and tie them up with our middle one. Never did much good. He was a fear biter, and hard to get to take meds, etc. I gave up when he got totally infested with fleas, and turned into Cujo when when we tried to give him a flea bath. (This was pre-Advantage.) The only one of my dogs I never missed, he was more of my ex’s dog.

  2. ugh. sounds like a bad run of it all… agree with beth on the lights. can’t hurt…

    “Not enough to knit for her, but I like her”

    i love that line. very descriptive…

    • Sitting under the Ott-Light almost constantly. I may have to drag the other SAD light out, though. It got put away when we did the windows last year.

      I crocheted one of my therapist interns (they always used to stick me with them because I was articulate and self-aware) a hat one year out of some of the same type of yarn I’m knitting now. It was very difficult because it would get tangled in the hook. I really liked her.

  3. Uff, I remember when Azar had an ear infection – imagine trying to give the tazmanian devil ear drops three times a day! And I know how crippling those vet bills can be. Hope Friday is feeling better soon.

    One good thing about using a real oven is that it can also heat your apartment. I leave mine cracked open while it cools down. And it sounds like that chili will also help keep you warm.

    Sounds like you’re due for some good luck soon…

    • I am fortunate in that since they replaced the windows last year, the apartment is pretty cozy. The heat doesn’t really come on until the temperature drops into the low 30s (that’s below zero for you.) But I like to bake bread and stuff so maybe that helps, too.

      I’m sorry you lost Sunny, you had him a long time. Glad you still got Azar to snuggle.

  4. I got e-mail notices from BC Ferries about sailing cancellations out of Swartz Bay a few days ago due to high winds. I was glad that didn’t happen until after we’d departed the Island.

    Sorry to hear about the current run of bad luck in the financial realm. Why does it seem that this sort of stuff always happens just as the holiday season is commencing? Weird.

    I’m actually starting to consider a New Year’s resolution type thing to address mess and clutter, which is a total change for me. I wonder how it will work out? Hmmm.

    Here’s looking for brighter days ahead, eh?

    Oh, and I think I need to get me one of those SAD lights this year. Maybe that’s one of the reasons my mood has been dour for the last while. Again, hmmm.

  5. Wait, go back…you get to have SEX? lucky girl…

    yeah, the rest sucks, but you get to have SEX!

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