Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 19, 2009

Sitting and Knitting

That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing lately, sitting and knitting. It doesn’t help that when I stand, my left knee hurts, and when I sit in my wheelchair, my right hip hurts. I wish they would leave me one good side. *sigh*

Basketweave dishcloth

Basketweave dishcloth

So, what have I knitted lately? Nothing too adventurous, unfortunately. I have done a couple of dishcloths. Why in this particular nauseating color, I don’t know. I use one, The Boyo asked for the other for his birthday. They really are nice for scrubbing dishes, or they make good shower poufs for body wash, too. I do them mostly to learn new patterns in cheap crappy cotton before I try to knit the good stuff.

And speaking of the good stuff, the best yarn I’ve got is some that is 18 % mohair. This is the first time I’ve had any yarn that wasn’t 100% dinosaur fiber (acrylic). I’ve done another scarf with it, and have one that is a work in progress. The scarf I adapted from the Lucky Thirteen pattern on Ravelry. With modifications. I never could get the holes right, so I only made them on the end of the scarf rather than the intricate pattern that was called for. I haz the L, as we

blue scarf

Lucky Me Scarf

say in my favorite Ravelry forum, Lazy, Stupid and Godless. And in this case I haz the S, too, because I couldn’t figure it out. Although it goes nicely with my coat, it is a wee bit too long for a 4’11” woman sitting in a wheelchair. I do believe it is going to get washed, blocked, and given to someone taller for giftmas.

The work in progress is also going to be given for

purple scarf

Work in progress

giftmas, but I’m not telling to whom, because they sometimes read my blog. For this one, I don’t have a pattern, it is just seed or moss stitch all the way, which gives it this kind of nubby

detail of purple scarf

Seed stitch

texture.  I hope to make a hat to go with it, but we will see if I’m too S to do some of the patterns.

The Boyo has requested a hat for giftmas, too, and that is in my queue after the other hat. He saw one at when we were at the mall the other day that he liked, and that I knew I could make. Except, again, I don’t have a pattern. I think I’m going to have to find hats that have the things I want and take “One from Column A, and one from Column B.” Which is pretty ambitious for somebody who just started knitting.

And I have a whole bunch more cotton yarn with which to make more dishcloths, so guess what a lot of folks are getting for giftmas this year? Well, we’ll see how long I can keep up this ambition. Usually, all my holiday ambition craps out about November 30th, so we’ll see.


  1. I never could knit. I worked with a lot of nurses who did and they tried to show me, but it never did click.

    My grandmother did it quite well. One time she made some curlique things to go in my hair and I got them the day after I cut it all off. I loved them so much I couldn’t wait for my hair to grow back just so I could wear them. Knit gifts are wonderful.

  2. Handmade gifts are the best kind, I think. I’ve often thought of making gifts (wood-working) but I never get started in time. Even last year’s doll house didn’t really get finished and, such as it was, was dragged into the house after midnight Christmas Eve.

    • Yes, you do have to start early. I hope I’m early enough to get all this stuff done, although the stuff I’ve picked out is simple.

  3. I like that seed stitch. Also the “I haz the L” comment. Heh. Me, too. When we get moved, if it ever actually happens, I am going to start being a knitta.

    • Go get on Ravelry, they will support your addiction. Seed stitch is good because it’s reversible. And you want that in a scarf. Not many knitting stitches are reversible, so it’s good to know. But slow, very slow.

  4. this is a very good use of time… productive, creative and seems to relax you! i used to crochet, and spent about the last month of my first pregnancy crocheting blankets while watching baseball.

    • But I don’t want to be productive! Heh, I just want to sit and watch hours of Hulu, and use knitting as an excuse.

  5. So it’s knitting that’s keeping you away from blogsville? I thought it might be geocaching

    • It’s monsoon season. Geocaching can wait until spring, I’m afraid.

  6. as long as it makes you content, go for it and enjoy.

    and since you’re knitting, i could use an ice cover for me car…that’d only be 50 or 60 skeins of wool, right?

    • Do you know what that stuff costs? You buying? Acrylic would be better, it’s washable. And wouldn’t shrink and felt when wet. Weirder things have been knit, however:

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