Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 5, 2009

Damned ACAM

So the ACAM system in our building is down for the second time in two weeks. This is the system that operates the proximity cards that unlock the front door. Which means we now have to carry a key to the front door.  And the “disabled” door buttons no longer work. You know, the ones you push to open the door when you are in a wheelchair.

What that means for me is that it is a pain in the tushy to leave or re-enter the building. I do it, I have to. Unless I want to get Friday a litter box. (NO, just NO.)

I fear this is the beginning of the end, and something will need to be replaced for the doors to work. I vividly remember the elevators continually failing before they were replaced. I also  remember the six months it took to replace them when only one worked at a time.  And then it was still an adventure to get in the elevator, you never knew if it would stall and trap you.

Oh, well, I guess I should quit bitching. It is less of a problem than being on the tenth floor without an elevator, and with bad knees.

P.S. I have no idea what the acronym ACAM stands for. Perhaps the engineering types have some idea.


  1. Hmmm… no idea what “ACAM” stands for. but i’m good with acronyms…

    “Antiquated Craptastic Automated Mangler”?

    guess leaving it open (or knocking out the glass so you can just drive through) is entirely out of the question?

    • I think you got the acronym right. And given some of the critters people LET in leaving it open is not an option.

  2. The more we rely on “software” and electronic gizmos, the more it’s all going to bite us on the ass. Sorry that yours is the ass currently being bitten.

    Hope it’s fixed soon. Glitches of that sort are the most annoying.

    • It’s fixed now, thank goddess, but I’m not in any hurry to turn my key in.

  3. damn engineers… not worth a hill of beans, none of them

    [chuckling softly because i know they’re reading this too]

    [and watching my back now because they’re sneaky and high tech]

    (glad it’s fixed now!)

  4. It’s fixed? *phew*

  5. Glad it’s all better now.

    Getting stuck in an elevator is one of my worst nightmares (which luckily hasn’t happened to me… yet).

    Remember Susan (Pipocas)? Her building had a car elevator to get out of the underground parking – imagine that breaking down!

  6. I have no idea what ACAM stands for and I suspect I don’t want to learn! I’m glad it is all fixed, hope it stays that way.

  7. Silverstar, I’ve haven’t been doing much blogging lately. I stopped by to catch up on what you’re doing. Hope all is well.

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