Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 8, 2009

It’s Over

The heat wave is over. The last couple of days have had autumnish temperatures. As is usual in the Puget Sound region, when the natural air-conditioning finally kicks in, somebody turns the thermostat too low. I have hopes for a “normal” week next week. I hope. I still have a lot of “summer” stuff to do.

The most obnoxious of the medical testing is over.  So far, nothing dire has been found, just stuff that when you look it up online, under causes says “age over 50.” *sigh* They forgot to install the age reverse switch when they made me.

Between the heat wave and some general malaise, all my housekeeping accomplishments seem to have flown out the window. But then again, Flylady  always says “You are not behind, just jump in where you are.” So I guess I will. What else is there to do?

I have learned not to buy a lot of produce at a time. It becomes compost in my refrigerator. Which would be wasteful but OK if apartment building were included in the city’s food waste composting program. Which they are not. I’ve decided to be more like my ancestors, and go to Pike Place Market several times a week to get what I need, and make myself eat it right away. My super-frugal grandmother is probably spinning like a rotisserie in her grave, seeing what ends up in my rotter.

I’ve read a ton of books in the last couple of weeks. More than I’ve read the rest of the year put together. But now is the time to get out and do some  active stuff. Winter will be time enough for that, heaven knows. Besides, I’m really behind in my geocaching. I’ll try to get ahold of the geocacher I met at knitting, and she if she and her friend want to go caching with me. There’s a bunch of caches on the waterfront I’ve tried to find several times without success, and I think three heads might be better than one.

Which reminds me. When I was heading out to get a sandwich with The Boyo the other day, I ran into a whole herd of geocachers, all dressed in the same T-shirts. It was apparent from where they were going they were looking for my nano. It seems they didn’t find it, because they didn’t log it. They also didn’t log a “did not find.” So I feel pretty good about finding that one all by myself. Nano, nano, nano.


  1. As the old ones used to say, “Make hay while the sun is shining.” Fickle climate in North America encourages one to take advantage of every nice day to do outdoor stuff. Usually.

  2. late summer always seems to catch me off guard. still so much to do, but the weather may not cooperate… enjoy the chill!

  3. You must have sent that heat wave down here. Now we are baking in 98 degree weather. It’s ripening the tomatoes a treat, though.

    Glad your testing is over with no dire results found.

  4. I’m glad that your terrible heatwave is over and that nothing serious was found..I have been told many times that “I am at that age’…Geesh….

  5. hey, i’m doing science experiments in my refrigerator as well. that’s how penicillin was discovered, so maybe we’re on to something good? but, no, i’m not touching that. will dump the entire drawer into the trash before it self-purees. (ewwww).

    i don’t think anyone is installed with that ‘age reverser’ switch, though i have seen quite a few people who never bothered to use their ‘age advancer’ switch….good looking bastards.

  6. I usually do produce shopping every couple of days. It not only gets me out of the house for a walk, but I get to eat what I feel like and not so much ends up in the garbage bin.

    Very glad to hear that the testing is over and the results were good.

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