Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 31, 2009

T-Shirt Friday and Weather Report

T-shirt Friday 709 004

There is a story behind this T-shirt. Three years ago my brother celebrated his 50th birthday and his 30th anniversary with his partner. He invited the whole fam damily to St. Louis for the festivities. One of the things we did while we were out there is go to the St. Louis Zoo. I wish I could tell you a lot about it, but I didn’t have my scooter, and so I only saw the part that the little train went past. And since I came with others who had small children, they left sooner than I would have. But I went to get some money from the ATM, and found that some of my “crazy money” had come in, so I bought this T-shirt, some toys for the kids, and had a good time at the Dale Chihuly show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens next day. Thought I would wear it for all you cat lovers. Be sure to go by Nurse Myra’s and see who else is  playing this month.

As most of you know, I’m sure, Seattle is in the middle of a record breaking heat wave. So far, we’ve broken the record for daily maximum by posting 103° F at the airport Wednesday. We also broke the record for highest daily minimum, since it only cooled off to 71° F last night. I about died. Those of you on Twitter or Facebook know I spent most of yesterday Tweeting the Heat, and sitting naked in front of the air conditioner. I couldn’t eat or sleep, and the poor air-conditioner, once I got it running has been going 24 hours since Monday. In case I don’t think it’s doing much, (it only got the temperature in my apartment down to 89 ° F at one point yesterday), all I have to do is step out into the hallway to verify that it’s working.

Poor Friday, with her fur coat, had it rough. I finally gave her a bath yesterday as much to provide some cooling as to get her clean. I even put ice cubes in her water bowl for her. She is much more comfy now.

Yesterday was cooler at “only” 90° F, but still well above our average of 75° for this time of year. Today it’s supposed to be 85° F, but a marine push came in about midnight, and has dropped the temperature considerably.  It may not get that high today.

Meanwhile, my sister in Denver has been suffering from record low temperatures  in the 60s, which is very cool for this time of year there. They are usually the ones running in the 100° range. She said the dog was too cold to get off the couch. Poor baby.

So I’m hoping the jet stream gets back to where it usually is so temperatures moderate here, and it quits raining in New York where Rambling Woods lives. Neither extreme is fun. But at least I might be able to sleep tonight.


  1. you got our heat… most of the summer we’ve barely hit 90. but we’ve now got the liquid air – humidity – that makes it miseraable. my hair is doing it’s part to dehumidify wherever i happen to be… i look like a freakin’ dandelion gone to seed! here’s to a cooler weekend for you!

    • On top of everything else, I’ve had a heat headache for the last three days. Please come fetch your weather, and take it back home with you.

  2. Wild t-shirt!!!

  3. Your observations confirm that El Niño is indeed influencing North American weather again.

    Although we’ve had some hot stuff (low 30’s C) it hasn’t been overly bad. Several days in a row does make it seem like it’s been hot forever. We’ve even had higher than normal humidity. Those things are all “bad” for us as it can brew up a tornado. Our tornadoes, although rare, typically run to the “big” end of the spectrum. Only one “lu-lu” of a storm so far this summer. The high winds in that one took down our isp’s wireless tower (the one that serves us) so we were without internet for about 3 days. (Only without power for a few hours, thankfully.)

    I don’t know if there’s a “normal” anymore where weather is concerned. I go back on forth on the whole anthropogenic global warming thing. Lately, I’ve figured that solar activity has more to do with climate effects on earth than anything. But these other oscillations in climate can sure kick our butts, eh?

    We’ve been running the a/c every night for the last week or so. I’m dreading the next electrical bill.

    Nice t-shirt; my eldest would love it.

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  5. Here, in Ottawa, we are at the end of Febuly which was only marginally warmer than Junuary, and very much wetter. We are wondering if August will be…. Decgust or something — or just going to head right into November.

    Them is some big cats.

    Mine is up…

  6. meeeowwww

  7. Love the t-shirt! Welcome to the Ozarks (weatherwise, anyway)!

  8. does Friday appreciate your kitty Tee?


    • Friday grew up with kittys, so she doesn’t mind.

  9. great tshirt! My son loves cats and he has several like that one but none as good I think.

  10. love the t-shirt…

    …and i hear that the heat wave is finally breaking? whew!!

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