Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 16, 2009

Kingfishers and Salmon

nature-notes2 Despite what some might say, it’s not always about geocaching. OK, the truth is the only reason I didn’t geocache to day is I was going somewhere that there are no geocaches. The Parks Department has made geocachers remove all caches from Discovery Park.

The Boyo and I met for lunch at Discovery Park once again, this time by design. We had a co-op lunch where he brought the can of chicken, the mayonnaise and the bread, and I brought the salad greens, the curry powder and the raisins, and we made lunch.

We met at Third Pond again, but only saw one mallard hen the whole time Discovery Park 2 004we were there. The action today was a Belted Kingfisher who was having a hey-day in the pond, diving down, catching a fish, and then sitting on a limb eating it. The first I knew about it was hearing a loud splash across the pond, and then seeing him take off out of the water and have his dinner. He moved several places on the pond. I guess when the fish would get spooked one place, he would move to another. Sorry, I didn’t bring my big camera with me, and the tripod, which is the only way I would have caught him. My small camera just won’t do the job.

We were talking after lunch, and I decided to look at something on my phone, and realized it was missing. I knew I’d had it on the trail down to the pond, so I hurried back over my trail, and fortunately found it. Scary there for a while. I have it insured up the ying-yang, but at this point it would like cutting off one of my arms.

Discovery Park 2 007After lunch I headed for the bus stop, only to find that I had just missed the bus, and the next one was an hour away. The Boyo had brought his bike and planned to ride over to the Ballard Locks, not all that far away. After twiddling my thumbs for a bit (the phone had lost most of it’s power while it was lost) Friday and I decided to venture over there, too. Besides, the bathrooms are better over there. So off we went, and of course when we got to the locks, we had to see if there were any salmon in the fish ladder. I will post this picture, but thick glass and murky water do not make for great shots. This is the best one, but I think you’ll have a heck of a time finding the fish that I swear is in there. It’s the peak of the season for Sockeye Salmon.

The Boyo had stopped to tour the visitors center over there, and so even though wheelchairs and old dogs are slower than bikes, we caught up with him. Grabbed a cheap iced coffee at 7-11, and then I really did get on the bus for home.

While I was over at Discovery Park, I noticed that they were setting up for the Seafair Indian Days PowWow this weekend. In the time it took us to eat lunch, a flat field turned into an arena with stands, and another field began to fill with campers. I will be out there this weekend for sure. I love watching the fancy dancers and eating salmon.


  1. Oh, why did they have the geocachers remove the caches? Too many people stomping on forbidden grounds?

    I got a Kingfisher yesterday. I just saw it shooting by and got it in a whiff and blurr of brown and blue. I saw it bright and clear on the way to the other side again, but was even too slow fro catching the blurr that time. Oh well.
    One of these days 😉

    But how can you go in the park and not take your camera? I always feel like missing a limb when I go without 😀

  2. What a great adventure you managed to cram into one day! (Sorries! I have no idea what “geocache” means! So that is totally lost on me!)

  3. love watching birds dive for fish… i’m always torn, between wanting to warn the fish and cheering for the birds!

  4. Very cool. I need a day like that (sans the losing-the-phone part!). It’s just been too damn hot and buggy down here to spend much time outdoors, but every time I read about one of your excursions, I’m tempted!

  5. Eileen..I love how to add links to the things you are talking about for more information. I should do that more. I love the kingfishers. Watch them as after they catch a fish, they take it up to a branch and smack it until they can get it to where they can swallow it. They are very hard to photograph. I can see the fish in your photo. I wish I was going to be there to attend the festival as it sounds like fun. Thank for participating in Nature Notes… Michelle

  6. Oh a Geocasher..I must try that some time! Glad you found you phone…
    look forward to your fish photos..

  7. Canned chicken?

    • Much like canned tuna, Nurse Myra, and make a tasty salad.

      • I’d never heard of canned chicken before either.

        Sounds like it was a great day.

      • what is it canned in? not brine surely?

      • Water, like tuna. It might have a little salt in it, but not much. It could be worse, there’s always this.

      • Your blog?

  8. I’d be so lost without my phone. I never thought I’d be like that, but I’ve even managed to get my mom to be the same way.

  9. Hi Silverstar, I have left a small token of my esteem over at The Havens.

  10. Hmm. I left a comment but it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. If this is a repeat, I apologize.

    I have left a small token of my esteem for you over at The Havens.

  11. Lucky you seeing the Kingfisher eating! I’ve never seen that.

    BTW I’ve been meaning to say that I like your photo for your avatar. Its nice to put a face to your “voice.”

  12. There is a gift for you over on my blog

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