Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 13, 2009

Sallying Forth with Tigereye Sal

Tiger Eye Sal and I

Tiger Eye Sal and I

Tigereye Sal is in Seattle for a convention, and so we got together for dinner tonight. She is delightful and being a veterinary assistant, was totally enamored of Friday. We met at Pacific Place, and had dinner at Thai Ginger. It was very good and filling. And we talked.

After dinner, since she has commented that geocaching sounds exciting, we went looking for some caches. I was going to cut through Pike Place Market (which you used to be able to do) but it wasn’t happening. We looked for one cache there, but I swear the clues just sent us in circles. So we gave up on that one.

We jumped on a bus to the waterfront and got one I had missed the other

Sal and the gulls

Sal and the gulls

day when I was out with  EF Hutton. ( I don’t think that’s his real name, just his geocaching handle.) I had a good idea where it was just by the name of the cache, Seeing Seagulls. I bet if Daisy Fae casts her mind back, she can guess, too. We never would have found it without the clue, though.

I really love meeting IRL people that I know on the internet. It’s such a blast to have some of your misconceptions undone. For some reason I had always pictured Tigereye Sal as dark, sultry, and with cat eyes. But she is delightful even though she’s spoiled my illusions. I had a great time Sal, and thanks for dinner.


  1. You are having the time of your life with the geocatching thing. I’m having fun hearing about your adventures.

    This is such a lovely photo of you, you should crop that and make it your avatar.

  2. sounds like a great night – it is fun meeting other bloggers isn’t it?

  3. i think i’ve been there before! very, very cool! and meet-ups can be a bit strange – i mean voices? *voices*? these people from my computer can speak?

  4. “This is such a lovely photo of you, you should crop that and make it your avatar.”

    I agree with Kitty!

  5. Tee hee- it was fun, wasn’t it?

  6. I have yet to meet anyone I know from a blog.

    • Do I have to come to Alberta, or are you going to stop on your way to Portland?

  7. I haven’t met many yet, but I am looking forward to it as the ones I have met (az and nog) were truly wonderful to meet irl.

    Sounds like the geocaching thing is a real hoot and a great way to get out of the house.

    • Thanks, hmh. It was a real pleasure meeting you and Jim too.

      And also nursemyra, who arrived at a rather difficult time (just after first cancer diagnosis) but was very kind and understanding, as well as fun to be with.

      Am looking forward to meeting alejna from collecting tokens in September. Not sure if you know her, SS.

  8. Look at that beautiful avatar!

  9. Will the beautiful new avatar also be showing up on Twitter sometime soon?

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