Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 12, 2009

A Really Good Day Geocaching

So I decided to go caching on the waterfront again, having gotten skunked the last time I was there. I took a detour through Pike Place Market where there is supposed to be a micro, but Saturday afternoon is not the time to go geocaching there. So back to the waterfront I went. I went to Starbucks because by this time my phone had run down, and I needed to plug it into my pocket charger that I got for just such emergencies. Which reminds me, I need to recharge it.

Then I went back to Pier 62 and 63, where there is supposed to be a cache, but which no one has been able to find for two weeks. In addition, the last two people who did find it reported the magnet was loose, and one had found it just laying there on the pier. But I went anyway. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but someone who was obviously geocaching. Looking in all the places I’d already looked. I told him it wasn’t there, and we got to talking about caching. I asked if he’d found the next one down, and he hadn’t. It’s a multi-stage, and he wasn’t planning on doing any multis. But this one is a breeze, all the things you need to work the coordinates were in a relatively small space. And so off we went. With him checking my math, and his superior knowledge of what we might be looking for, we found it. Then we went and caught another cache he’d already been to, and I’d been to last week, but didn’t make the find. Score another.

After these three relatively easy scores, he got to talking about a nano he couldn’t find. That’s right folks, my nano. He said if I would show him where it is, he’d give me a bison tube. So off toward my apartment we went.

Arizona quarter, bison tube, turtle

Arizona quarter, bison tube, turtle

The nano was about half a mile away from where we started, and I was winding around Belltown like I lived there, probably because I do. Going down 1st Ave, we practically tripped over another cache, so we bagged that one, too. Bagged the nano for him, and then went off to Seattle Center to bag one there. This time he’d figured out the coordinates ahead of time, so it was an easy puzzle cache. I got a little green turtle out of that one, and he replaced it with a skull bead.

After that we were off to the one that had skunked me yesterday. If I had gone by the hint the cache owner had provided, I never would have found it. Magnetic my arse, it was in a pine cone. The only reason we found it was that other people had left hints, one in a log, and one at the cache site. And he had superior knowledge of trees, and recognized a pine cone didn’t belong in a male tree. Who knew trees had sexes?

By that time it was 9 PM, and getting dark. And so be said adios, and went our separate ways, with a good day’s caching under our belts. I nearly doubled my score of finds in just one day.

(Damn, I think I’m going to have to start another blog just for the geocaching. )

Found it 7/11/2009 Silverstar98121 found Oops (Traditional Cache) Washington [visit log]
Found it 7/11/2009 Silverstar98121 found 10 Year Reunion (Unknown Cache) Washington [visit log]
Found it 7/11/2009 Silverstar98121 found 5 of a kind (Traditional Cache) Washington [visit log]
Found it 7/11/2009 Silverstar98121 found The Glass Menagerie (Traditional Cache) Washington [visit log]
Found it 7/11/2009 Silverstar98121 found Bell Harbor Fishy Fountain (Multi-cache) Washington [visit log]
Didn't find it 7/11/2009 Silverstar98121 couldn’t find Piers 62 and 63 (Traditional Cache) Washington [visit log]


  1. this sounds fun! challenges the mind for sure!

  2. How cool that you are starting to meet other geocachers too. Maybe instead of another blog you could start a “cache of the day” page, listing your conquests and link to new ones on your blog posts.

    • Good idea, Az. I think I’ll do that right now.

  3. This is so much fun- to READ about. Good for you!

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