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With my spending money this month I bought my first two geocoins. You have to have something to leave if you take something from a cache. I didn’t have anything, so I got me a couple of geocoins to put in caches. One will probably go into the first cache I hide, and the other in the first cache I find that has a geocoin or travel bug that I can exchange for it. I got them today, so I am excited. Now if only the weather would get a little better.

I fell in love with these geocoins the first time I saw them. They bring up an issue near and dear to my heart, accessibility. I think they are a blast, and I may have to buy more of them. Fortunately, they are not as expensive as some geocoins and travel bugs. Now all I have to do is translate the Braille on them for my own edification.

Accessible Geocoins

Accessible Geocoins

Today was also a Sit & Knit meeting. I went to bed late, like 7 am, and then didn’t wake up until 5PM, so I was scrambling to get there as close to the 6PM time as possible. And of course, it was a two bus trip across town. I was lucky, though, the buses came one after the other with almost no wait time, so somebody was looking after me. But I didn’t take my camera, dang it.

The meeting was exciting because of a proposed new meeting, Sit & Knit on a Ferry Boat. We are going to take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and go to Churchmouse Yarn and Teas. When I took my unneccessary ferry ride last year, I ended up there, so I’m definitely up for a return visit.  Who says knitting has to be dull? Part of the expedition will be to have dinner over there, too. It sounds like a great adventure, and we can knit all the way over there and back.

Another exciting thing about Sit & Knit tonight is that I met a geocaching buddy. She’s a newby too, but has more found caches under her belt than I do. I can hardly wait to get together with her, and one of her friends that wants to start geocaching. It should be a blast with the blind leading the blind. But at least I’ve found a nano!

I had been kicking myself because I didn’t think I was doing very well on my project of getting myself organized. Then I realized that although I had slipped on some things, the bed still gets made every day, the floors have been scrubbed, the kitchen floor twice, my menus are made, my refrigerator is full of healthy food, and I went to my personal training appointment yesterday. Of course today I am sorer than hell, but it’s OK.  Baby steps, as they say, baby steps. The one thing I really need to do is to set a bedtime and stick to it. That’s day 17 of Flylady’s Beginner Baby Steps. I find I get a whole lot more done if I’m up in the morning instead of the afternoon. But then I don’t go to bed at a decent hour that night, so I’m up in the afternoon again. Oh, well, if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

So I’m off to do some work I didn’t get done yesterday, and maybe get to be earlier than I did yesterday. And see what this day brings, since it’s shortly after midnight. Oh, and Kitty, I thought of you when I saw this thing. It looks Cajun to me. Bizarre, anyway.

Voodoo bicycle rickshaw.

Voodoo bicycle rickshaw.

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  1. congrats on sticking with The FlyLady process! i’m not sure how you can adjust that bedtime, though… going to bed at 7am (which i’ve done a time or two) really jacks the schedule!

    Cool that you’ve got cacheing buddies, too! More adventures ahead!

  2. Hey that is a perfect bike.

  3. That is a badass voodoo bike.
    I gotta get me one.

  4. Sounds like you are doing pretty well, all things considered. Sit and Knit sounds like quite an adventurous group, which one would never guess by just reading their name. . .

  5. Wow, this geocache thing is a whole other world. It’s so great you have something like this you enjoy and that gets you out and about.

    Well done with the baby steps. And remember, if at first you don’t succeed then skydiving isn’t for you.

  6. Those coins are gorgeous! Wow, you are such an inspiration.

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