Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 7, 2009

What’s New?

Well, Seattle had three days of temps over 80° F last week. That’s 26.66° to you Celsius fans. Much too warm for Seattle. It was even too warm to go geocaching. However, it’s also true that perhaps I shouldn’t geocache on the western edge of (my) world in the evening, either. Especially when it’s this warm.

Geocaching was crippled all day Friday by a fire at Fisher Plaza, about a block from my house, that knocked out it’s servers. The news story doesn’t mention it, but the geocaching world was all aTwitter with the news. Unfortunately for the world, Groundspeak, the parent company, runs both the most common geocaching and letterboxing databases. If you didn’t have a list already on your machine, you had to settle for finding benchmarks. And recording them later.

The fire was small, and basically took out an electrical switching station in the basement of the building, which is home to several server farms. One of the other server farms it took down for several hours was, a company that processes credit card transactions over the internet. This crippled commerce until the company could reroute the transactions that would have gone here to another server farm back east. It took over 24 hours to get the main power back on to the building, during which time KOMO TV station, and several radio stations were off the air also. Channel 4 played their Portland affiliate during this time.

I got skunked for three caches on my last hunt. You’d think if I could find a nano, I could find a freaking mini. Does it have to be the size of a VW Beetle for me to find it?  We shall see.

I spent Saturday, the 4th, reading murder mysteries. I think I killed three of them that day. No fireworks for me. The economy has cut the us down from two displays to one, making getting to the one a royal pain. I figured I would be better off at home. Could probably have watched it on TV, except I haven’t gone digital yet. No hurry, I don’t think I’m missing much.

As is usual for the Puget Sound region, our several days of high temperatures kicked on our natural air conditioning in the form of an onshore flow. Unfortunately, whoever set the thermostat kicked it up to high, and the temperature dropped 20° instead of the ten I ordered. It was downright chilly today. My shoulder got sore from sitting in the wind, and it still hurts. But I had to do the grocery shopping.

And I guess that’s all the news that fits. See you sooner next time, I hope.


  1. odd how such a small fire could have such impact on “stuff”… makes me want to build a tiny bunker, stock it with food and DVDs…

  2. Seems we have your rain and your cool temps. Bleech. And you can have them back. Do you know a summoning prayer or a rain go away petition?

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