Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 1, 2009

First Nano

tiny nano, with a dime

tiny nano, with a dime

I found my first nano cache today, and I’m very proud of it. Not only was it a nano cache, it was a very small nano. Like about halfway down to the knuckle on my little finger. And I have very small hands. That was exciting, because most folks cut their geocaching teeth looking for things the size of a breadbox. Or a shoebox. But I always have to be different.

What was even more exciting is that the cache was literally right outside my door. Obviously, this is an area I know well. I wouldn’t have found it without the GPS, though. There are a million places to hide a nano that small around here.

I am especially delighted, because there’s one cache I’ve gone after three times now, and haven’t found. But it’s a multi-stage with some figuring to do to get the correct coordinates. I think I have them now, but haven’t found it yet. The wiki for Geobeagle, the software I use, says n00bs ought to look for ammo cans or larger caches, but I think I’m going to make micros and nanos a specialty.

I managed to be one of the first in the Pacific time zone to download Firefox 3.5. I got in so fast that even though the tweet said it was live, it wasn’t quite. It went live shortly after I and probably a thousand others tweeted that it wasn’t working.

It is faster and cleaner looking than previous editions.  Now if they’d only fix some of the add-ons I lost, like Netvibes, Google buttons, and a couple of others. Oh, well, as long as Twitkit works, I guess I can’t complain too much.

And now for something completely different, I offer you a slideshow of the Seattle Pride Parade, which was also literally outside my door.


  1. Um….. what exactly is geocaching? i know it’s a sort of treasure hunt using GPS but what is it that you find and what do you do with it?

  2. Well, you find anything from the tiny cache pictured here, to a big ammo can full of stuff. If you find a nano like I did, the only thing in it is a log, in this case a long, thin, strip of waterproof paper rolled up inside. You sign your name, and then go to and post your find for the world to see. Bigger caches can have treasures in them like Travel bugs or Geocoins. The idea here is to take something and leave something of equal value. The travel bugs and geocoins are meant to travel from cache to cache, and some have a misson, such as to go around the world. I haven’t found anything big enough to have a coin or bug in it so far.

  3. sounds like your week is off to an amazing start! w00t!

  4. My GPS is languishing somewhere in the house and I haven’t looked at in ages. I heard that the GPS satellites were going to be detuned so that civilian accuracy was worsened. (What is the accuracy now, do you know? +/- 3 meters or 10 feet?) That must have an effect on finding geocaches, eh?

    You know the story of how annie and I met, right? Well, there’s another widower (from Virginia) who met a widow (from NM) at a widowed persons get-together event in AZ. He’s a big geo-cacher and when he asked around if anyone wanted to go, this particular widow elected to go. They’re married now and have a baby together.

    So, watch out. Geo-caching can lead to babies! 8)

    Nice pics. America loves a parade, eh?

    • Sometimes I get accuracy down to 2 meters. Once your on target, it’s mostly a game of “where would I hide it.” With nanos and micros it also helps to know what kind of containers are on the market so you have some idea what to look for.

      If I get pregnant at my age, I’ll have to name it Jesus.

  5. Great slide show. And that’s one of my all time favourite songs.

  6. Geocaching sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I really like the idea of the geocoin on a mission. I don’t have a GPS but a game like this could encourage me to get one. Maybe.

    I liked the pictures of the Pride parade, and it was interesting the train of thought I had going as I was watching it and reading the captions: Like, “Yep, if I was a drag queen I would want to ride in a car rather than walk in those heels!” “Gee, it must be particularly difficult to be gay in a place like Afghanistan” “Cute dog.” etc.

  7. Seen this?

    Geocaching Down

    • I saw it early. The building Groundspeak is in is about a block away from my place. All the geocachers have been tweeting about it all day.

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