Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 28, 2009

Real Life Intervenes

Nurse Myra noted on my last post that I’m not posting much. I am trying hard to get my house clean, and I’m exhausted a lot of days.  Too tired to read blogs, much less write them.

It takes me three times as long to do anything as it does ordinary people. And I wish it wasn’t that way. I’m taking today off, though. Just a tarot class, and maybe read a murder mystery. Or some geocaching.

Stupid things happen to me. Like doing the laundry last night, one of the machines decided I needed a “superwash” cycle. I didn’t pay for it, I didn’t want it, but I got it anyway. It’s ten minutes longer than regular, so it threw my whole schedule off. And then I ran out of laundry detergent. I remembered I had one of those little boxes like you get at the laundromat somewhere, but where? I thought it might be on the top shelf of the pantry. Where I indeed found it after climbing on a ladder, something my knees protest mightily. I also fount that something sticky had spilled up there, and half the cans were stuck to the shelf. That’s a job for another day, however. Tonight I just want to get the laundry done.

I gathered up the throw rugs and dog bed, too. Since they were out of the way, I vacuumed the bedroom. The linoleum needs to be scrubbed, but that also is a job for another day. And this is kind of how my days have been going. I do one thing, and find forty-seven others that need doing.

I have cut out a couple of times to go geocaching, without much luck. I went after the same cache three times, and can’t find it. I think it may have been muggled. Last time it was found was during a big car and boat show, with lots of people around to see and snatch. Although we try to be stealthy.

I sometimes wonder what the muggles think of us geocachers. For instance, to calibrate the compass on my phone, I have to make figure-eights in the air for a minute. So I’m sitting on a public dock waving my phone around in the air. And then I stare intently at it while chasing the elusive coordinates. When I find them, I start looking for a place to hide a microcache, as I know from the listing this is. But is it magnetic, or a capsule or a film canister or what? I suspect this one is magnetic because there is a lot of metal around to stick it to. But I can’t find it.  Frustrating. I may go out tomorrow, but I think I’ll look for a different cache.

Friday has slowed down considerably just in the last two weeks. Where she used to be able to walk about half a mile, now halfway around the block is more than she wants to do. I’ve been leaving her home when I go geocaching because I cover some pretty long distances to some of the caches. I’m somewhere between not wanting to lose her, and actually wishing for a dog that can keep up with me. I noticed the other day she’s got a cataract in one eye. I’m in grave danger of becoming a seeing eye person to a dog.

I also got stopped by the humane officers the other day, and found out Friday’s license is expired.  OOPS! I probably would have gotten a ticket if she wasn’t a service dog. But I still have to go out to the animal shelter and renew her license, even though it is free.

The Boyo went camping in Eastern Washington with his nephew this weekend. Here’s hoping they don’t step on any rattlesnakes. Actually, he’s very good in the wilderness. We are going to go camping this summer, too. But we will be in a state or federal park, preferably with an electrical hookup for my CPAP machine.  And I wish I had one of these so I could ride on the beach. Or at least sand tires for Ms Scarlette. Maybe someday.


  1. glad to catch up in just one post – i’ve still got a bazillion items in my reader, and it stresses me out… making progress, though!

    the geocaching sounds like fun! new places, creative thinking and technology!

  2. I’m get it. Isn’t it funny how some things that cause stress are self induced, though? For example, I’m over a month into what should have been a week or so long reno project putting down new flooring and doing some painting. But, uncover something unexpected and the scope expands.

    When it got started there seemed to be a lot of time until our scheduled guests were to arrive.

    Now it’s two days ’til they get here and I’ve got to re-evaluate what I can realistically get finished, what needs to be finished and what I should do today.

    Sorry to hear about Friday. How old is she again? That slowing down thing, the cataracts, etc. reminds me of our old Cocker, Bugsy. Has Friday still got her hearing?

    Don’t let it all overwhelm you. Sometimes, shit happens. Do what you can. Take time to relax and enjoy life. Tomorrow’s another day.

  3. *doh*! My comment should have started with “I get it”… *sigh*

  4. Sometimes you just do what you can.

  5. One day at a time …

  6. that Rover invention looks cool but it’s a very strangely written story.

    the author mentions the guy trialling the Rover has “sky blue eyes, a crew cut and a soft southern accent”

    Is he trying to get a date?

  7. That is some sort of device! It looks cool, and I can think of people who would want it that aren’t even in need of a wheelchair.

    Now, Silverstar, honey. You are not the only person who suffers from do one job find 47 others to do. That has got to be the story of my life, and my mother’s life. But the mobility issue probably makes it much more frustrating.

    Sorry to hear that Friday is getting older and less spry. It’s a terrible process to witness, especially when you love the animal so. Smokey has good days and bad days, mostly good lately. But I swear he is getting Alzheimer’s disease. It’s hard to tell with the history of being on the wrong side of the door he has, though.

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