Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 21, 2009

June Gloom

Seattle is famous (or is that infamous?) for its June Gloom. It may be warm, but it won’t be sunny. This year was an exception, with glorious weather…until this week. We are now socked in with clouds. We actually went 29 days without rain, equaling the record, but got rained on before we could break it. But when the gloom breaks, it will be glorious until late September or early October, with any luck. Oh, wait, I’m not supposed to tell you that, people might want to move here.

So in honor of the June Gloom, the solstice or something, they had a luncheon today to honor Phil. Lots of yummy food, even a cake with his picture on it. And dammit, wouldn’t you know, I forgot my camera. Phil’s sisters were there, and after everyone had eaten, I read my blog post to them, and gave them a copy of it. Along with all your comments. The sisters were touched by what I’d said. He did a lot for all of us.

Fishy fountain

Fishy fountain

After the luncheon, since Saturday is family fun day in FLYland, Friday and I went to the waterfront to persue a couple of geocaches. I found the virtual one, found the coordinates for the other one, but couldn’t find the cache itself. Dagnabit. And I looked everywhere. It was kind of a fun cache even if I didn’t find the cache itself, because it took me to a fountain on the waterfront that I didn’t even know was there. And I thought I knew every square inch of the waterfront. It was a multiple, one in which they give you the first pair of coordinates, and you have to answer clues to find the second pair of coordinates, and so on. So I figured them, and was sitting right on top of the coordinates, looking everywhere, trying to figure out where it was. It may be gone, it’s in a high muggle area. Still fun. I still have a couple, three down that way to look for, and I may cruise back by to see if I can locate it another time. I also finally figured out how the software that is specific to geocaching works. Schweet!

I believe that’s all, folks.


  1. That sounds like a great day! Some years ago, MJ and I visited Seattle for a week in the Spring – and it didn’t rain once the whole time we were there. And it *was* glorious. Folks we met joked that it was holding off for our visit. I’m not sure they were wrong, since it apparently started up again right after we left!

  2. It rained buckets in Sydney yesterday but today was sunny. I’m hoping the worst of winter is over and it’ll be spring in about 6 weeks.

    I’m probably being over optimistic though

  3. June gloom reminds me of living in Bristol.

  4. you’re not posting much lately. what’s up? have you got a real life 😉

  5. Where is your T-shirt? I received your reminder thingy and signed up … thought for sure yours would be here too.

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