Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 18, 2009

Paving, Paving

This is what kept me up all night last night:

Paving 007

Tonight they are striping. Tommorrow the whole month-long ordeal is over.


  1. seems considerate of the commuters that they do the roadwork at night. not so considerate of the residents, however…

  2. put Catherine Zeta-Jones in that sandwich, and we’re talking spank-sustenance for an eternity!

  3. Yay! A good night’s sleep finally beckons. And with the windows open, maybe.

    Definitely a big downside of urban living.

    Any time I’ve ever visited my daughters in the city, I marvel at how noisy it is, with traffic, sirens and the like. And the noise is constant. It would drive me mad.

    • Many years ago, I thought it would drive me mad, too, but I’ve adapted. And it’s much quieter with the new windows. Night temps in the 50s right now, no need for open windows, but the warm weather will come back.

  4. I remember one summer in Seville when it seemed like there was a jackhammer convention going on.

    Glad your ordeal is finally over.

    Sweet dreams!

  5. So will it make getting around the neighbourhood a more pleasant experience?

    • Much more pleasant. The fixed all the curb cuts, too, so now you don’t fall into drain going over one of them.

  6. ah that’s good then 🙂

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