Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 13, 2009

Nature Notes: Discovery Park

nature-notes2 A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go to one of my favorite parks in Seattle. I love it because it’s huge, out of the way, and not all that many people know some of the secret spots I go to. Discovery Park used to be part of Fort Lawton, and the city is bringing it back to natural gradually. That means culling out a lot of non-native plants like holly and ivy. I don’t see much holly there anymore, and they used to have some big, damned trees.

The part of the park that I like the best is called Third Pond. Yes, there are three ponds in a row, and Third Pond is the largest, and the only one that has much sun. The other two are deep in the forest. The best thing about Third Pond is that there are usually ducks there. Mostly mallards, but during migration season, other types of ducks will fly in.

In the past the ducks have been very friendly, and always looking for a handout. Nowadays, they are more wary. By August they will be coming out on the shore to eat the blackberries, though.

As I was rolling down to Third Pond, and an adventurous roll it was, what with steep banks and things, I spotted someone sitting at my favorite table. Damn! But as I got closer, the shape was familiar. Yes, great minds think alike, and The Boyo was there. Friday and I were happy to see him.

Since I had almost every camera I own with me, I not only have a slideshow for you, I have some video. I made the video mostly to show you how quiet the park is. Third pond is almost a mile from the parking lot, and the nearest high traffic street is another mile away. The only thing that interrupts the peace is the floatplane from Lake Union flying overhead. Or an occasional car driving up to the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. No, I’m not being politically incorrect. The Indians fought to get the park started instead of some high-priced development (Magnolia Ridge, behind the center, is a very desireable area). They built the cultural center, and even the name of the foundation has the word Indian in it. Which reminds me, I must look up when Pow-Wow will be this year. I loves me some fancy-dancers.

Yes, that’s The Boyo talking in the background, and you can hear me, too. You can even hear Friday panting at the end.

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Nature Notes.


  1. What a wonderfully tranquil spot – no wonder it’s a favorite. Loved your slide show and video!

  2. the video and pics are fantastic! amazing that there is such a peaceful respite so close to the city…

    • That’s why I love it. That and it’s a one bus ride out there, and the bus runs right in front of my door.

  3. Oh Eileen..This is a fabulous post for Nature Notes. I so needed some peace and quiet and you provided that break I needed tonight. Loved the video and the slide show. You always go all out for Nature Notes.. Thank you!!!

  4. love the irises and buttercups

  5. Fabulous. I love ducks! 🙂

  6. The discovery park is great. I enjoyed your slides and video so much.

  7. […] Boyo and I met for lunch at Discovery Park once again, this time by design. We had a co-op lunch where he brought the can of chicken, the […]

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