Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 10, 2009

Silverstar’s Excellent Geocaching Adventure

So since I have a phone with GPS on it, I decided to take up geocaching. This is where you go out and find things other people have hidden with you GPS unit. The caches can be big, in a wooded area, or tiny, I mean really tiny, in an urban area. But it’s fun to hunt.

For my first hunt, I chose a cache about half a mile from my place.  First you go to and find one you want to hunt for. They are rated by how difficult they are, what kind of terrain you cover, etc. Some of them are puzzle caches, where you have to find the answers to the puzzle in order to get the coordinates. I decided to pass on them. I picked an easy one, near here that was rated wheelchair accessible. Sounds perfect, right? Well, it wasn’t quite that easy.

It wasn't quite this obvious!

It wasn't quite this obvious!

So off I go, following the GPS, trying to find the coordinates. When I get close, I can’t get to the exact coordinates. There’s a parking garage in the way. So I went home. At home I looked the coordinates up on a google map, and bingo, the parking garage was the spot. Then I decipher the clue, and it says “go to the top.”

So,  the next day I went back to the garage. This thing is rated

Not the cache I was looking for

Not the cache I was looking for

wheelchair accessible, right? So how do I get to the top? Well, the same way the cars do, up the ramps. This is fun, (not.) Some of them are really steep. But Ms. Scarlette took them with aplomb. We get to the top, get out the phone and start looking for the coordinates. Found them, and it gives you a range of within three meters. OK, it’s somewhere within 10 feet or so of me. But where would I hide something? I don’t see anything near the coordinates to stash something. But there is a fire hose cover over there that’s broken. Maybe it’s there. Nope, but I did find something else, a very nice corkscrew. How, or why it was there, I don’t know. But it came home with me. Back to the coordinates. Looking

Funny sign in elevator. Click to enbigen.

Funny sign in elevator. Click to enbigen.

at things, all around anything, even in the small holes the rebar left. I don’t know how big this thing is, I know it’s a micro, which means about the size of a 35mm film canister. They have nano size caches, however, that are about as big as you finger. I’m looking at all the possibilites for hiding this thing, and then part of something I’m looking around at moves. So I move it some more, and look all around, but no luck.  Only after I’m heading out do I look around and find an elevator on the other side. And a bus stop half a block away. Perfect for a wheelie. I head home and register a “did not find” on the website.

I have the cache bookmarked, so every time somebody finds it, I get a

The view was worth it!

The view was worth it!

notice. Somebody finds it a couple of days later, so I know ther is a cache still there, but I  don’t know what I’m looking for. A couple days after that somebody else finds it, and in their log mentions some buzzing things, and a hive near the cache. Aha, I remember seeing that hive.

Off I go back to the cache site, looking just

Aha! The cache!

Aha! The cache!

where I looked before. Only this time I looked up instead of down and around, and I spotted it. I was lucky, it was black as pitch where it was, and the cache was also black.

These micro and nano caches don’t havc anything in them but a log to write when you found it.  Too bad, it would have been fun to find a travel bug or  a geocoin that travels in a cache, and move it to another one.

Of course I have pictures. However, the uploader here is not working right at this moment. It crashed Firefox, and won’t show the image in Chrome. Check back, I may be able to get the pictures in later in the day.


  1. what a festive way to learn GPS!

  2. I wanna do this too!

    • Well, get yourself a GPS unit or GPS enabled phone and go for it! Some of the caches are nice hikes, good for body and soul.

  3. Interesting. I’ll check this out later for to see if there are any locations in Seville.

    Have you seen this? For when you get a laptop…

    Laptop Tethering

    • I hadn’t seen it, I’ll keep it in mind. Don’t know if I’ll ever get a laptop or netbook, but I might.

  4. sounds fun!

  5. Great adventure Silverstar!

    The log part reminded me just a little bit of an older tradition where you would leave a book out somewhere for someone else to pick up, read and leave out for someone else.

    Geo-caching sounds like a much better pastime than many other things that don’t promote get-out and get-around-edness.

  6. You are so adventurous. I don’t have GPS on my phone, but this sure sounds like a fun game.

    Yay Scarlett, that is your right hand dog.

    • Ms. Scarlette is my wheelchair, My Gal Friday is my service dog. And actually, Friday is always on the left. The sport really is fun, I recommend it.

  7. Wow, Eileen, you’re ‘with it’ sounds like a fun experience…hope you get a wining lotto ticket next time. lol

    enjoying your blog..

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