Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 6, 2009

What’s Up, Pussycat?

I just got finished baking my brains for three days in 85-90° F temperatures, and am grateful the weather has cooled down. Lessons were learned. The new windows that keep it toasty in here in the winter also keep it really toasty in hot weather. They don’t open as wide as the old windows, and the way the windows are pitched keeps there from being much hope of air circulation unless you have your door open. Not something I’m likely to do. I’ve been invaded before when I forgot to lock the door, (or more likely, The Boyo did).  And of course, I have to change the interface for my air conditioner, too. The first week of June last year was cold, and the summer was cooler than normal, too. I don’t know if I like the way this is shaping up. The natural air conditioner that meterologists call the “marine push” switched on about 7 PM last night. At least I could sleep.

Sleep has been in short supply due to the heat, and the fact that they are tearing up the street in front of my house in order to resurface it. Since I live on a main arterial, they are doing it at night. And I couldn’t close the windows. I couldn’t sleep, and for some reason everything is covered with a layer of black dust.

It’s been crisis time around here, too. The Boyo’s mom’s domestic partner had to have a carotid endarterectomy, (that’s a roto-rooter on the arteries that supply the brain to you layfolk.) He’s been between here and Bellingham several times in the last weeks, and was scheduled for the surgery yesterday. In the meantime, Mom, as we’ll call her, had a bad gall bladder attack and had to have it out last week. The Boyo himself has had some health problems that scare the bejesus out of me because I know his family history. He lost a cousin his age last year from this stuff.  He was supposed to go to the doctor yesterday, but while his mom was waiting to for them to do her DP’s surgery, she experienced some back pain that had the hospital people rushing her downstairs to emergency. They didn’t know if it might be a heart attack, or related to her recent surgery, but decided in the end it was a severe spasm, and gave her meds for it. She was still miserable today when I went up to the hospital to see them. She gets to stay in a part of the hospital they’ve fixed up for families to stay in, on the same floor where her DP is. But the upshot of all this is The Boyo missed his doctor’s appointment. Dagnabit!

I had to go up there because the family just bought her a cell phone so she could keep in touch through all this, and she didn’t know how to get her voicemail. Her box was full. So I showed her how to get to voicemail, and to empty her box. Then she said the phone hadn’t rung all day, but these numbers for missed calls kept showing up. Sure enough, somehow she’d turned the ringer off. She’s a touch ditzy anyway, and the pain meds aren’t helping. We were standing in line in the hospital Starbucks, and I hear this phone ring. No phone in the Starbucks. I finally had to bring it to her attention that the phone was ringing. I love her and The Boyo but sometimes….

In other news, someone is interested in my sister’s “lonely” quilt, and Ernie the parvo pup may get to go home tomorrow. Yippee!


  1. oh, the health messes… why do they always seem to come in batches? hope everyone weathers it well…. and that you can get some sleep. sounds like you may have to sleep during the day…. ugh.

  2. Has the boyo rebooked his doctor’s appointment yet?

    Hope his mom and her partner are on the road to recovery

    • I just checked with him, and he hasn’t done it yet. He’s visiting tomorrow night, and I won’t let him leave Monday morning until he does.

  3. atta girl!

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